The Leadership and Ethics Academy

Phi Delta Theta has a distinguished history of setting the standard among fraternities in leadership and character development that dates back to our founding in 1848. The legacy of this tradition of excellence is embodied in the Fraternity’s educational programming – The Leadership and Ethics Academy. The vision of the Academy was born out of the Fraternity’s strategic plan Phi Delt 2020 and its strategic educational initiative to develop holistic programs that utilize technology and promote our values to undergraduate and alumni members.

The Leadership and Ethics Academy encompasses Phi Delta Theta’s two flagship leadership conferences, the Presidents Leadership Conference and the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute, as well as the Biennial Convention and numerous other conferences and programs that constitute the Fraternity’s comprehensive efforts to provide the best possible education and leadership training for undergraduates and alumni volunteers as set forth in the Phi Delt 2020 strategic plan. Chapter Advisory Board Summits, the House Corporation Summit, PDT U online education, and the staff positions that direct these programs, are all components of the Leadership and Ethics Academy.

The delivery and focus of Academy programming is broken into two areas: values-based leadership development and undergraduate and alumni officer development. This is accomplished through the aforementioned programs, conferences and online experiences.  As indicated in Phi Delt 2020, the Fraternity plans to educate 18,000 members in-person and 44,000 online by 2020 all through Academy programming.

Through Academy programming, a more effective set of tools for our undergraduate and alumni leaders is provided where they learn the enduring values that are the cornerstone of Phi Delta Theta’s rich tradition, while helping each participant become the greatest version of themselves. All Academy programming is funded through the generous support of Phi Delta Theta alumni and their gifts to the Phi Delta Theta Foundation. Learn more about how to become a contributor to the Academy.