To Do What Ought to Be Done Bystander Education

There is no quote more revered in Phi Delta Theta than the words stated by Founding Founder Robert Morrison, “To do what ought to be done, but would not have been done unless I did it, I thought to be my duty.”

Since 2018, Phi Delta Theta has provided access to the To Do What Ought to Be Done Bystander Education Workshop and online module to all members. Phi Delta Theta also created a partnership with the Fraternal Health & Safety Initiative to offer each chapter and emerging chapter with one of the following programs annually:

  • Choices: Alcohol Program
  • Hazing Intervention
  • Taking A Stand: Sexual Misconduct
  • Chapter Mental Health and Wellness
  • To Do What Ought to Be Done Bystander Education Workshop

The To Do What Ought to Be Done Bystander programs are the first of their kind among fraternal organizations and were developed through a partnership with the Prevention Innovations Research Center (PIRC) at the University of New Hampshire. PIRC created an assessment to gauge Phi Delta Theta members’ ability to build skills and tools to intervene in life and death situations. Based on the results, the partnership created the workshop and the online educational module to ensure that moral courage and our Cardinal Principle Rectitude go hand-in-hand.

View the To Do What Ought to be Done Workshop video.