Phi Delta Theta’s Online Approach To Education

Phi Delta Theta realizes that education does not only occur in the classroom or at in-person conferences. With this in mind, the Ihlenfeld University for Online Education (PDT U), the Fraternity’s online education platform was developed. Whether it’s completing the Credly-certified Professional Greatness and Personal Greatness badges, Chapter Advisory Board certification, Phikeia education modules, chapter officer certification, virtual leadership conferences, or on-demand presentations that cover a wide-variety of topics, the Fraternity’s goal is to use technology to further educate its membership.


How Do I Access PDT U?

PDT U is accessible through myPhiDelt. Simply log in to myPhiDelt and click the PDT U link on your dashboard. You will be automatically logged in to PDT U from there.

Currently, all Phikeias, active undergraduates, chapter advisory board members, and province presidents have access to PDT U.

There is no sign up for PDT U. All you need to do is report member and officer information in myPhiDelt, and everything else is automatic!

Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) Certification

All new CAB members are required to complete the chapter advisory board certification to serve in a volunteer role.

CAB members also have access to all other undergraduate programs.

To have access to PDT U, CAB members must be a registered adviser in our database.

Phikeia (New Member) Education

The Phikeia education module series consists of three required, 60-minute courses covering the topics Friendship, Sound Learning, and Rectitude. Following completion of the required modules, Phikeias have access to complete the Phikeia education final exam.

Reporting Phikeias through myPhiDelt automatically creates their PDT U profiles and sets up their access.

There is no need to ‘sign up,’ and there is nothing extra you need to do.

Test results and user data reporting access is given to chapter presidents, CAB chairmen, and Phikeia educators.

Recruitment Classroom

The recruitment classroom serves as a resource for any chapter looking to take its recruitment efforts to the next level. By interacting with videos, activities, and take-home resources, each participant will learn various strategies and the skills necessary to effectively grow his chapter.

This resource is available for all interested members on the homepage of PDT U.

Officer Certification

Officer certification consists of 30-40-minute online courses for the president, recruitment chairman, treasurer, and risk/social chairman.

Courses are available for all members interested in completing the training through the Course Catalog.

Pursuit of Greatness Badges

The Professional Development and Personal Greatness badges, certified by Credly, give students the skills they need to reach their potential in the classroom, in the chapter house and, eventually, in their careers.

Learn more about Phi Delta Theta’s partnership with Credly.

These certified courses are available for all members on the homepage of PDT U.


On-Demand Courses

On-demand programs such as Our Obligation-Diversity and Inclusion are part of annual chapter minimum standards and are required for all members to complete between September 1 and May 15 each academic year. The courses can be accessed by all members through the Course Catalog within PDT U.

Virtual Leadership Conferences

The following conference experiences are available to all members on the homepage of PDT U.

Phikeia Experience College: A virtual conference experience to learn how to improve your chapter’s recruitment, education, and retention of its new members (Phikeias)

Shaffer Honors College of Leadership: A 400-level leadership experience.

Course Catalog

All PDT U courses are available to all members through the course catalog. If a CAB chairman wants to learn about chapter presidents, he can take the president certification. Aspiring Phikeia educators can complete all the Phikeia education modules, etc.

Can Officers/CAB Chairmen Run Reports?

Yes! Chapter presidents and Phikeia educators have admin privileges to run reports in PDT U and see course completions within their chapter.

Technical Support

If you are currently enrolled in a PDT U educational program and would like to submit an assistance request, please contact your chapter support coordinator.