Phi Delta Theta will host a virtual Recruitment Workshop via the Ihlenfeld University for Online Education (PDT U) from August 25–26, 2021, at 7:00-8:30 p.m. EST each evening.

Geared towards recruitment chairmen, recruitment committees, and recruitment advisers, the mission of the Recruitment Workshop is to equip chapters with a growth mindset that will help them succeed with recruitment and overcome any potential barriers they may face on campus this fall.

The Recruitment Workshop will feature a 45-minute general session speaker each evening coupled with a 45-minute randomly-generated breakout discussion around important recruitment topics and questions.

Each chapter is strongly encouraged to register its recruitment chairmen, recruitment committee members, and recruitment adviser. Phi Delta Theta understands that late-August is a busy time for its members and chapters as they head back to school. Because of this, the format and time commitment of the virtual conference was shortened to include high-impact content and discussions.

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The Recruitment Workshop Schedule

General Session – Day 1 – August 25

  • We are Phi Delt
    • Re-introducing Phi Delta Theta to the World
  • Recruitment Lessons Learned Through COVID
    • Virtual/Digital Presence
    • Challenging Campus Policies for Year-Round Recruitment
    • Diversification of Membership
    • Campus Involvement and Network
  • Global Recruitment Review
    • 2020-21 Organization-Wide Results
    • Chapter Recruitment Data in myPhiDelt
    • How to React to Your Chapter’s Data
  • What Drives a Recruitment Culture?
    • Building a Team: Recruitment committee structure and responsibilities, recruitment advisers, parents, involving the entire chapter
    • Technology and Tools: Recruitment CRM in myPhiDelt, digital marketing, chapter websites, social media presence
    • Utilizing Recruitment Education and Resources: Recruitment Classroom, recruitment chairmen resources, growth coaches
    • Fall Phikeia Class Challenge Numbers

Breakout Room Questions – Day 1 

  • How has the last 18 months changed how you think about recruitment?
  • What are some of your biggest fears, worries, or concerns as you approach recruitment this fall?
  • How will your chapter react differently this year if faced with recruitment barriers?
  • What is your chapter doing to place an emphasis on recruitment this fall?

General Session – Day 2 – August 26

  • Generating Leads
    • List Acquisition
    • Social Media and Chapter Website
    • Referrals
    • On-Campus
  • Engaging with Potential Members
    • Initial Outreach
    • Large and Small Events
    • One-on-One Meetings
    • Virtual Options
  • Selling the Fraternity Experience
    • Your Chapter’s Mission: Why does your chapter exist on campus?
    • Your Personal Story: Why did you join? What do you enjoy the most?
    • How the Phi Delt Experience Adds Value: What have you gotten from the experience? What can your chapter provide?
    • Connecting Potential Members to Like-Minded Members
    • Parent Involvement
  • Quality Potential Members and Extending Bids
    • Values: Friendship (Involvement), Sound Learning (GPA), Rectitude (Character)
    • Identity/Fit
    • Expectations: Time, money, rules
    • Effectively Extending Bids
  • Continuous Recruitment
    • Reaching and Evaluating Your Goals
    • Utilizing New Members to Recruit
    • Flexible Phikeia Education

Breakout Room Questions – Day 2

  • What is your chapter’s most effective lead generation tactic?
  • How does your chapter interact with potential new members outside of large events?
  • How does your chapter showcase its value to non-Greek students on campus?
  • What does your chapter look for in potential new members?
  •  How can your chapter continue to recruit beyond rush?

Events Coordinator Renée Crist Lefter can be contacted for any questions about the Recruitment Workshop.

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