Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) training began in 2011 as Phi Delta Theta’s first venture in online certification training.  Its intent is to provide basic onboarding information for the Fraternity’s most important “front line” volunteer and to allow them to understand the resources available as a CAB Member. CAB Certification 2.0 will be released in Fall 2014 through the same platform where Phikeia and Officers are certified.

The certification process:

  1. A CAB member is appointed by Chapter Advisory Board Chairman or Province President
  2. A CAB member receives an email from GHQ within 30 days of their appointment with their job description, basic resources, and online certification login information
  3. CAB Member completes his/her online certification
  4. CAB member is entered as an official adviser for the chapter
  5. CAB member receives a welcome packet in the mail that includes a chapter adviser pin and certificate from GHQ