Coming in January 2015, chapter officer certification will provide onboarding, training, and essential information for all new undergraduate officers as they transition into the following positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recruitment Chairman, Alumni Secretary, Warden, Chaplain, Social Chairman, and Scholarship Chairman. The certification program will be compatible with any computer, tablet, or phone. Officers will only need an Internet connection to complete their program.

The certification process:

  1. Member is entered as an officer in Chapter Desktop
  2. Pending officer receives an automatically generated email communicating that he has been enrolled in a specific officer training course
  3. Officer logs in to his myPhiDeltaTheta profile and clicks the PDT U link
  4. Officer is automatically redirected to his enrollments page in PDT U
  5. Officer completes a series of online modules relevant to his position
  6. Officer completes his learning path in PDT U
  7. Officer becomes an official officer of his chapter