What are Undergraduate Achievement Scholarships (UAS)?

These new scholarships will help strengthen the Canadian Foundation’s mandate of service to university undergraduates and introduce them to organizations that can encourage them to become future leaders on campus and cultivate service to their community.

Who is eligible for a UAS?

  • Any individual – male or female – who recently graduated from high school or community college and is entering a university where Phi Delta Theta has a Canadian chapter (* see the list of campuses below) in September, or 
  • Any individual – male or female – who has completed their first year of university where PDT has a Canadian chapter* and is a returning student in September.
  • Members of Phi Delta Theta are not eligible to apply for a UAS.
  • UAS applicants will be advised if they have won a UAS scholarship in late August.

* ​Canadian universities where Phi Delta Theta currently has a chapter: 

  • Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS 
  • McGill University, Montreal, QC
  • University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
  • McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
  • York University, Toronto, ON
  • Carleton University, Ottawa, ON 
  • University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
  • University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
  • University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
  • UBC-Okanagan, Kelowna, BC

What kind of individual will the Foundation consider for a UAS? 

The Foundation is looking for individuals who: 

  • Have a solid academic record (applicants will be asked to submit their academic transcript), 
  • Are involved on campus and in their community with the arts, sports, and/or community service, 
  • Understand the importance of building leadership skills while at university by submitting a personal statement with their application. 

How do I nominate an individual for a UAS? 

  • If you know of an eligible individual(s) – male or female – then we encourage you to share their name(s) with the Canadian Foundation so we can consider them for a UAS. 
  • They could be a family member, a next-door neighbour’s kid, or the son or daughter of someone you know from your work, school or community. 

The deadline for nominations is June 30th

To apply, send us their name, email address, cell number, and the Canadian university they’re attending. Individuals who are nominated for a UAS will be sent an application form to complete prior to the August 1st deadline.

How can I help in contributing to the success of the UAS? 

As the Canadian Foundation embarks on its next 50 years of promoting academic excellence and cultivating leadership skills, we invite you to celebrate this milestone by submitting the name(s) of eligible individuals for a UAS, prior to the nomination deadline of June 30th.

Even if you don’t know someone who might be eligible, you can help support the UAS by making a single or recurring tax-deductible donation to the Canadian Foundation today.  Just go to our website and donate now. You can designate your donation to the UAS Fund when making your gift.