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Mason Rice

Lindenwood '23

Chapter Support Coordinator


Mason Rice graduated from Lindenwood University with a Sport Management Degree. He joined Phi Delta Theta his freshman year in the fall of 2019 and would go on to hold a few leadership roles, including chapter president in 2022. On top of his involvement in Phi Delt at Lindenwood, Mason worked for the University as a Student Ambassador. Outside of work, Mason enjoys trying new restaurants, golfing, and spending time with friends and family.

Why did you decide to work for Phi Delta Theta?

I decided to work for Phi Delta Theta because I am incredibly passionate and dedicated to how Phi Delt can positively impact students in higher education. I developed many skills as a leader, being a chapter president, and I have a lot of good advice to offer active members. Having a role in helping Phi Delts go through their undergrad experience is exciting, and I am glad I have the chance to do so.