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Suzanne Alexander

LiveLikeLou Director

Suzanne Alexander is the director of The LiveLikeLou Foundation and is focused on strengthening the impact Phi Delta Theta Fraternity has on ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerois or Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Specifically, she works with the Senior Vice President of Growth, Engagement & Philanthropy Steve Good and our membership to grow the nationwide Foundation and its short- and long-term goals; design new approaches to coach chapters, emerging chapters, and alumni relationships on their philanthropic and service pursuits for ALS; and identify partners within the ALS community to distribute funds for research and patient care services.

Suzanne is an undergraduate of California State University at San Jose, and earned her MBA from The University of Pittsburgh. Suzanne is the wife of brother Neil Alexander, who died from ALS in 2015. During his journey with the disease, the couple founded the LiveLikeLou.org organization, a grassroots effort to build awareness for ALS, and raise funds for ALS patients and their families and research to find a therapy or a cure. In just five years they raised more than $4 million, and established LiveLikeLou.org as a leading entity in the fight against ALS in Western Pennsylvania.

Suzanne is a California native, loves raising her children Abby and Patrick in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is a proud fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates. She can’t wait for Patrick to pledge Phi Delta Theta in 2022!