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Phi Delta Theta Hosts Dinner for Nobel Prize-Winning Phi, Adam Riess


adam_reiss_dinner.jpgOn September 19, the Fraternity hosted a dinner at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore at the Space Telescope Science Institute to honor Brother Adam Riess, MIT ’92 for being named the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Physics.  The event meal included dishes served during the 19th and 20th centuries at Nobel Laureate celebrations as well as a long rectangular table in traditional European banquet style associate with Nobel dinners for the 55 alumni and student attendees. 

Brother Bob Biggs presented the Distinguished Alumnus Award to Brother Riess and Foundation Chairman WL Gray and General Council member Chris Brussalis were also on hand for the presentation.  Brother Gray is holding a replica of the Noble medal that Brother Riess brought to the dinner to share with everyone.  Earlier, Brother Riess presented a slide show on his research regarding ‘Dark Energy’ and the expanding universe.