For Families

Phi Delta Theta offers a home away from home while emphasizing academic achievement, positive relationship building, community service, and an enriching and rewarding college experience filled with friendships that will last a lifetime.

Phi Delta Theta

Home Away From Home

Phi Delta Theta creates a positive and encouraging “leadership laboratory” that empowers each brother to tap into his inner greatness and reach a higher potential than he could on his own.

Family Engagement

We realize that many families wish to remain engaged in their son’s fraternity experience, and we encourage it!

View our Family Engagement Resource Guide to see how you can get involved with or create a family club that supports the chapter.

Helping Your College Student Engage in a Safe and Enjoyable Fraternal Experience

Each year, across North America, more than 750,000 undergraduate men and women enjoy membership in college fraternities and sororities. These fraternal organizations (also known collectively as college Greek communities since the majority of groups use Greek-letter names) have been a part of the college experience for more than 200 years and continue to play a significant role in the lives of college students.

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Parents Are Invited To Volunteer for Phi Delt


Phi Delta Theta welcomes and encourages parent involvement. Besides involvement in a chapter’s Family Club, an increasing number of parents have become involved in our Chapter Advisory Boards, sharing their expertise and background with undergraduate Phis and helping guide various aspects of the Fraternity.

Living Our Values

A chapter can be placed on probation, or have its charter suspended, for violating the Fraternity’s risk management policies, including engaging in abusive behavior, violating our Alcohol-Free Housing policy, misusing drugs and alcohol, or hazing.

Have A Concern?

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As we aim to provide our members with a safe and positive fraternal experience, we understand that there are cultures at every college campus working against us. If you ever have any concerns that affect the health and safety of our members, please reach out.