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Becoming a Founder of Phi Delta Theta at your college or university is the perfect opportunity to make the most of your college experience while building something that will stand the test of time.

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By starting a chapter of Phi Delta Theta on your campus, you will immerse yourself in an organization focused on high moral development, human connection, leadership, and making a positive impact on the world.

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Upcoming Expansion Campuses

During the next twelve months, Phi Delta Theta will be recruiting Founders at the following campuses.

Current Emerging Chapters

Founders at the following universities are currently working to become an official chapter of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

Pennsylvania Theta – Pennsylvania State University

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Connecticut Delta – Eastern Connecticut State University

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding Phi Delta Theta expansion can be directed to

Why should I become a Founder?

By becoming a Founder of Phi Delta Theta, you can create a culture of fraternity that aligns with your beliefs and set a precedent of being a premier fraternity on your campus. Throughout this process you will have an opportunity to experience a wide range of personal and professional development on your pursuit of greatness. This includes the ability for immediate leadership roles, having an impact within the local community through philanthropic efforts, and the support from a global alumni network of over 180,000 living alumni. When done correctly, you will leave a legacy for many students to follow many years after you’ve graduated.

How do I bring Phi Delta Theta to my campus?

If you are a student, group of students, or alumni interested in starting a chapter, please complete the start a chapter form above and a member of the Growth Team will contact you to learn more about your interest. If your desires and expectations align with the values and experiences Phi Delta Theta offers, our staff will initiate conversations with your university’s fraternity and sorority life staff to determine the viability of bringing Phi Delt to campus.

If you are a campus professional interested in bringing Phi Delta Theta to your campus, please complete the start a chapter form above and a member of the headquarters staff will contact you to learn more about campus, the fraternity and sorority community, and the expectations for expansion. When selecting a campus for expansion, Phi Delta Theta’s leadership evaluates a variety of metrics, including the quality and sustainability of the institution, campus culture, student experiences, university support, local alumni support, and timing of expansion.

What is the time commitment of being a Founder/member?

Being part of a fraternity will demand an average of 3-5 hours of your time per week. By becoming a Founder, you will have the opportunity to step into leadership roles that could require additional time to fulfill responsibilities associated with the position.

What is the financial commitment of being a Founder/member?

There are several one-time and reoccurring fees associated with becoming a Founder and starting a Phi Delt chapter. A benefit of being part of a new chapter is that you can influence many areas of operation including the creation of a budget and setting local dues. We understand that the financial investment can be a barrier for becoming a member and for that reason, the Phi Delta Theta Foundation offers a variety of scholarships that awards over $500,000 annually to members, including $250,000 specifically to first-generation college students.

How do I talk to a family member that is concerned about me joining?

Joining or starting a fraternity is a big decision and we believe your family should be involved in that decision. For this reason, we invite you and members of your family to visit our family resource page for more information and resources to assist you in your journey of joining Phi Delta Theta.

Will becoming a Founder interfere with my involvement in other campus organizations?

While there is a time commitment to being a Founder of Phi Delt, it should not interfere with your involvement in other campus organizations, collegiate sports, part-time jobs, or internships. In fact, members of Phi Delt are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities their university or local community provides to get involved.

How can I ensure that my involvement in Phi Delta Theta will not be associated with fraternity stereotypes?

Phi Delta Theta strives to be recognized as the premier leadership society in North America. To do this, Phi Delt has always challenged the status quo of what it means to be a fraternity. This includes the implementation of alcohol and substance free housing in 2000, being active members of the anti-hazing coalition committed to eradicating hazing, and supporting a new generation of college students through first-generation student scholarships.

What support does the Headquarters provide Founders/Emerging Chapters?

Once a campus is selected, the General Fraternity will assign a full-time recruitment specialist to each of its expansion projects. The recruitment specialist will be on campus for an entire semester to oversee the recruitment of Founders, education of members and chapter officers, and onboarding of chapter operations. Following the semester-long expansion, the newly inducted emerging chapter will be support by a regional chapter support coordinator as they continue to work towards receiving a charter. This support includes participation in monthly webinars, virtual consults, and in-person campus visits.

Each chapter of Phi Delta Theta is also supported by a local advisory board of volunteers. The advisory board in composed of local alumni, campus professionals, and community leaders that meet regularly with chapter leadership to ensure the chapter is supported in all aspects of fraternity operations and experiences.

The path to a better you

Helping every individual to meet his true potential is the bedrock of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. By celebrating each person’s true self, and by learning from each other’s strengths while helping to improve each other’s weaknesses, every member of Phi Delta Theta develops into a greater version of himself than he could ever on his own. Rather than try to find young men to “mold” into some ideal, we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and, through encouragement, values, example and brotherhood, empower every brother to exceed his personal expectations.

We asked our members to identify some of the main benefits they have received from their Phi Delta Theta membership. Here’s what they said:

A family away from home (with many brothers).
An amazing place to live during college.
Confidence, guidance, and a support structure to navigate college and life.
Opportunities to network with successful alumni.
A newfound love for philanthropy and service.
Brothers to lean on during tough times.
Important values to live by.
Valuable soft skills by working with others towards shared goals.
Great memories, experiences, and a lot of fun.
Leadership skills and experiences.
Financial assistance for my studies.
Encouragement to achieve things I never thought I could.