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Phi Delta Theta Installs New Jersey Gamma at Seton Hall University


Following the initiation of 67 men, the New Jersey Gamma Chapter at Seton Hall University was granted its charter by Chris Brussalis, General Council Treasurer, on Saturday, December 9, 2017. Colonized in April, New Jersey Gamma sought to charter by the end of the year and worked tirelessly to accomplish their goal.

The initiation and installation weekend was a project spearheaded by the members of New Jersey Gamma, taking place over seven months of meetings, many conversations with GHQ members, and member input. New Jersey Gamma’s leadership brought many new programs to Seton Hall University, including a Fall Fest Barbecue and a Morning Run community service event in New York City. The programs allowed for growth, leadership, and community service opportunities for all of the brothers.

New Jersey Gamma, in efforts to raise funds and awareness for ALS and other charities, donated more than $2,000 through philanthropic endeavors, both alone and with campus partners. Through these endeavors the group was able to build relationships with each other while exemplifying the three Cardinal Principles of Phi Delta Theta. Whether studying together in the library or having a committee meeting on campus, the collective camaraderie and effort for positive community impact was always at the forefront of their agenda.

Michael Davis, Assistant Director of Leadership Development, personally congratulated New Jersey Gamma at their final colony meeting. The congratulations came as a result of the colony exceeding his expectations and providing a route of success for New Jersey Gamma’s future in Fraternity/Sorority Life at Seton Hall. He stated that he looks forward to the many great things the brothers of New Jersey Gamma will do on campus and in the community, and he encouraged the colony to always strive higher and to never be complacent.

Founding President, Moe Jaman, received the charter during the installation ceremony officiated by General Council Treasurer Chris Brussalis, Allegheny ’87. The event was attended by guests of the colony, proud parents of brothers, and university employees. Other attendees included Director of Expansion Alex Atkinson, Missouri Western ’16, Colony Development Specialist Tyler Wilson, Georgia Southern ’16, Leadership Consultant Nick Brennan, Cornell ’17, Gamma East Province President Fred Reimer, Gettysburg ’07, and CAB member Joe Nigro, Lehigh ’87. The event marked the beginning of the group’s status as a recognized chapter of Phi Delta Theta.

“My Executive Committee and I set forth with one goal in mind: To create something different than the rest. We are not here to dissipate quietly into the night. We are now the New Jersey Gamma Chapter of Phi Delta Theta, and I can proudly declare that we have established something different from the rest,” Founding President Jaman mentioned in his speech to the crowd. “With this, I plan to pass on this legacy to enrich the lives of young men for years to come.”

The celebrations concluded on Sunday, December 10, with a retreat led by Director of Expansion Alex Atkinson, Expansion Consultant Tyler Wilson, and Leadership Consultant Nick Brennan. They discussed and pondered over future plans on how to begin the transition from colony to chapter. The members present at the retreat affirmed their promises to the following: create mentorship towards the highest aspirations of leadership, support ALS research through awareness events and fundraising, develop strong relationships with local Phi Delt alumni, and strengthen the brotherhood by holding all brothers accountable.

The brothers of New Jersey Gamma are eternally grateful for the support and guidance that they have received along the journey, and look forward to a bright future.