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Todd Nisbet Receives Oliver J. Samuel Outstanding Province President Award


The Oliver J. Samuel Outstanding Province President Award was established in recognition of the services rendered by the late Oliver J. Samuel, longtime Mu West Province President. Brother Samuel dedicated 25 years of his life as a Phi Delta Theta Province President from 1969 to 1994. The award’s purpose is to show appreciation for all Province Presidents and recognize, on a biennial basis, an outstanding Province President within the Fraternity.

Brother Todd Nisbet was initiated into Phi Delta Theta in January 1985 by the California Delta Chapter at the University of Southern California. He began his volunteer career with Phi Delta Theta in 2009 as a Chapter Advisory Board Chairman, then becoming a Province President in 2012 and has been mentoring our chapters and colonies in the state of Tennessee ever since.

Todd is Principal with the North Highland Company as the global leader of the firm’s Chief Sales Officer Expertise Network and has over two decades of experience building profit centers for clients. He is directly responsible for initiating over 20 businesses and line extensions including the development, sales and marketing of products, services, and brands for leading global companies. Brother Nisbet’s success is not limited to his professional career, but it has transferred over to his role as Province President. He has attended several Phi Delt conferences and served as a faculty member during the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute in Oxford as well as the Presidents Leadership Conference.

Todd is extremely dedicated to the province president role. This past year he made 14 visits to his chapters and colonies in the state of Tennessee! He has taken on the challenges in his province with the thoughtful and deliberate approach that he uses in his professional work. Todd has forged strong relationships with his chapter advisory boards and undergraduates. He has worked to develop several alumni clubs in his state-wide province. Brother Nisbet also co-hosts Nashville Happy Hours with local alumni in the city where he resides.

Todd comes from a family of Phi Delts. His father, who recently entered the Chapter Grand, was also a California Delta Phi. Todd’s older brother Scott was initiated at Colorado Beta at Colorado College.

For his exceptional performance as a Phi Delta Theta Province President, in the tradition of Oliver J. Samuel, the Fraternity is proud to honor Eta South Province President, Todd McLean Nisbet, with the Oliver J. Samuel Outstanding Province President Award.