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Phi Delta Theta Returns to the University of Michigan with Installation of Michigan Alpha


The Michigan Alpha Chapter has returned to the University of Michigan. Originally founded on November 28, 1864, Michigan Alpha was the sixteenth Phi Delta Theta chapter and has initiated 2,203 men into the chapter since its beginning.

On April 8, 2021, the men of the Michigan Alpha Emerging Chapter were initiated during a virtual ceremony. On Saturday, April 10, the chapter received its charter and was officially re-installed as a chapter of Phi Delta Theta.

General Council Member-at-Large and Michigan Alpha alumnus Nathaniel J. “Nat” Love, Sigma North Province President Michael Boulter, Leadership Consultant Corbin Lovelady, Michigan Alpha Alumni Club President Tom “J.T.” Buck, and Michigan Alpha Chapter Advisory Board Chairman Luke Boulter executed the weekend’s initiation and installation ceremonies.

Through the pandemic, members of the group have faced great adversity. For Michigan Alpha President Pratik Danu, seeing the re-installation of the chapter was a special moment.

“Fraternity was meant to be done within six feet of one another. Through the rebuilding efforts, I don’t believe there has been an instance where all fifty-four of us have been in the same vicinity of each other. Although separated by distance, we have embraced each other, and the challenges set forth by the pandemic. We have embraced the camaraderie of one another and made a goal to become better versions of ourselves,” said Danu.

Michael Boulter, who has helped advise these men and other volunteers along the way, addressed those at the installation.

“To quote Brandon Stanton, who is the founder of the Humans of New York movement, ‘If I had waited for the idea of Humans of New York, I would have never begun Humans of New York. I started with wanting to do something that I love and started working on it as if it were my job before I knew exactly what it was going to be. You must trust that if you really want to do something, you have to go at it 100 percent and trust that you are going to become who you need to be, and the idea will become what it needs to be. You cannot wait for a perfect idea; it will never happen.’ That is the quote I want you all to remember from this. You cannot wait for a perfect idea; it will never happen.”

Luke Boulter looks forward to seeing the men of Michigan Alpha continue to grow as they overcome future challenges.

“This is not the end but rather just the beginning. Looking ahead, you are going to face several struggles that you may not necessarily know how to address, and that is okay. The biggest thing is not to be complacent but continue to work to achieve your goals. Lean on your brothers and embrace these challenges head-on. You are going to grow and learn together as you overcome these challenges,” stated Boulter.

J.T. Buck has been extremely impressed by the men of Michigan Alpha and all the work they have done through virtual Zoom meetings over the past year.

“You are good men; you are at Michigan and in Phi Delta Theta, so you have the opportunity to be great men. Your challenge has been working through all the hurdles this pandemic has created. It is a unique experience, but you all grew together, you grew your chapter, and you overcame this great obstacle. On behalf of all Michigan Alpha Phis, welcome. We look forward to shaking your hands and gathering in our chapter house very soon,” stated Buck.

As the chapter makes an official return, Nat Love hopes that members of the group will continue to drive forward with success.

“Many great men have passed through Michigan Alpha, but you are the next group of great men to pass through our chapter. Your brothers all contributed in some way and are responsible for why we are here today. It takes a lot of men to make a successful chapter. I applaud you all on the effort, determination, and passion that I know you will put into becoming our newest chapter of Phi Delta Theta,” stated Love.

Congratulations to the men of Michigan Alpha at the University of Michigan!

Members of Michigan Alpha at their induction as an emerging chapter this fall


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  1. Why was the Michigan chapter missing for three years? Why is this chapter being reinstated? I was a brother 1961-1963 and transferred to the University of Florida and joined the brothers there in Gainesville, Florida. Great to see the Michigan house and chapter living on. Thank you.

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