Alumni Engagement

There are many ways for alumni to engage with Phi Delta Theta. We’d love to know where your interest lies, so we can lead you to opportunities that make sense for you.


First Thursdays with the Phis

First Thursdays with the Phis gathers Phi Delts on the first Thursday evening of each month, in consistent locations, starting at the same time, in an ever-growing list of cities across North America. Whether you are new to your city, a long-time resident, seeking to build your network, or enjoy meeting other local Phis, Phi Delta Theta wants you to have a place in your city where you can enjoy brotherhood on the first Thursday evening of the month.

OUR Most Engaged Phis

True Blue Society

Since 2008, the True Blue Society has functioned as Phi Delta Theta’s alumni loyalty society. Over 3,000 brothers have taken advantage of lifelong membership while providing resources to support our volunteers, alumni clubs, and The Scroll.

In an effort to enhance alumni engagement, the True Blue Society has been reimagined to become Phi Delta Theta’s engagement society, with the goal of highlighting those who have engaged with the Fraternity and our members on a high level and rewarding them with benefits to match their dedication to the continued success of our organization. Benefits include a printed version of The Scroll, discounted events and experiences, and forthcoming access to exclusive discounts and services on the Phi Delt Store.

To be considered a member of the True Blue Society, you must be part of one or more of these categories:

  • Current Chapter Advisory Board members
  • Current Housing Corporation members
  • First Thursdays with the Phis leaders
  • General Officers/Committee members
  • Alumni club officers
  • Iron Phis who have raised $2,500 or more
  • Phi Delta Theta Foundation scholarship judges
  • Trustees Roundtable members of the current or previous fiscal year
  • Campaign 2030 lead donors
  • Sword & Shield Society members
  • Living Bond Society members
  • Donors with $25,000 or more in giving over past three years

*All current True Blue Society members will remain True Blue members.

A Fraternity for Life

Alumni Clubs

Phi Delta Theta’s alumni clubs offer members an association with the Fraternity after their undergraduate days have been completed. For nearly 150 years our clubs have served as an outlet for alumni activity, an asset to the community, and a benefit to Phi Delta Theta.

Chapter Grand

Do you know a Phi who has recently entered the Chapter Grand? We would like to include him in the next edition of The Scroll.

In coelo quies est.

Serve a Phi Delt Chapter And Its Members

Become a Phi Delt Volunteer

There are many ways to volunteer with Phi Delt. We’d love to know where your interest lies, so we can lead you to opportunities that make sense for you.