The 84th General Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona


Convention Overview

84th General Convention – June 15-18, 2023

The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa – Scottsdale, Arizona

The Biennial Convention offers a unique opportunity for Phis of all ages from many parts of the world to meet in the true spirit of the Bond. Since 1880, the General Convention has held all supreme and legislative powers of the Fraternity. The Convention has three main responsibilities and powers.  They include:

  1. Electing the General Council
  2. Consideration of judicial matters
  3. Enacting laws for the regulation of the Fraternity, since only the General Convention may amend the Ritual, Constitution, and General Statutes of the Fraternity.

The 2023 Convention is located in the heart of Scottsdale and will offer plenty of entertainment and events that will allow brothers to reconnect with old acquaintances while connecting for the first time with other brothers in the bond. Registration will take place in myPhiDelt and will be open March 1.

View the Visit Scottsdale Website

One of the more important decisions a chapter makes is the selection of its delegate to the General Convention, because all formal action taken at the General Convention is the result of democratic voting, and it is typical for chapter delegates to constitute 65 to 75 percent of the total vote. Those with voting privileges at the Convention include:

  • Undergraduate chapter delegates
  • Members of the General Council
  • Past Presidents of the General Council
  • Province Presidents
  • Survey Commissioners
  • The Executive Vice President
  • The Housing Commissioner
  • Other commissioners that the General Council may appoint
  • Alumni club delegates
Schedule of Events

The 2023 General Convention Schedule Will be Available Soon

The General Convention begins on Thursday, June 15 with the Opening Session and concludes on Sunday, June 18.

A more detailed schedule will be available in the Guidebook app.

Determine Your Registration Classification

Determining if you are a Delegate or a Visitor

Phi Delta Theta Conventions are widely attended by Phi Delts of all ages. Approximately half of all attendees are voting delegates, both alumni and undergraduate. However, many other attendees are chapter advisory board members, visiting alumni and undergraduates, non-Phis, spouses, children, or guests. Your role at the Convention, as well as your registration fee and schedule of activities, will vary depending upon your registration classification.

Voting Delegates

Below are three classifications of Phis who have voting privileges on the convention floor. They will vote on important legislative business, as well as the election of the General Council. If you are a voting delegate, you will be expected to attend all business sessions and answer roll call at these sessions. You will have voting privileges if you are one of the following:

Undergraduate Chapter Delegate

(One voting delegate per chapter)

  • A chapter delegate will receive an allowance check toward his room and travel expenses at the Convention.
  • An undergraduate chapter delegate will receive the two luncheons and one Grand Banquet meal free at registration.
  • He does not pay the registration fee for his convention meal events.

General Officer

(General Council member, Past President General Council, province president, commissioner, Trustee)

  • A general officer receives an allowance toward his room and travel expenses at the convention.
  • A general officer will receive the two luncheons and one Grand Banquet meal free.
  • He does not pay the registration fee for his convention meal events.

Alumni Club Delegate

(One voting delegate per alumni club)

  • No expenses are covered by the Fraternity for an alumni club delegate to the Convention.
  • He must pay the registration fee to attend convention meal events.
  • It is suggested that his respective club sponsor his attendance as he is voting on their behalf.

Non-Voting Attendees

Chapter Advisory Board Representatives:

Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) members are encouraged to attend the convention. They do not have voting privileges, however:

  • One CAB representative per chapter will receive a room allowance check from the Fraternity for one-half of a double room for three nights when he registers for the Convention.
  • Additional members of the chapter advisory board for the same chapter may attend at their own expense
  • One CAB representative will receive the two luncheons and one Grand Banquet meal free.
  • This same CAB representative does not pay the registration fee for his convention meal events. He must simply provide his own travel expenses.
  • Additional members of the chapter advisory board for the same chapter may attend at their own expense.

Visiting Undergraduates and Alumni:

Any number of additional undergraduate chapter members are welcome to attend the Convention. This includes the business sessions. They are responsible for their own expenses and registration/meal fees, and are considered visitors. Visiting Phi Delta Theta alumni are welcome to attend all convention business sessions or meal events at their own expense.

Families & Non-Phi Guests:

Alumni and officers of the Fraternity are often accompanied by their spouses and/or children to the General Convention. You can easily register your family members or guests along with your convention registration in MyPhiDelt.

The Opening Session, as well as the Memorial Ceremony, are open to our non-Phi guests. Individual convention meal events, or full registration, may be purchased for family members/guests. No registration fee for meal events will be charged for children under twelve years of age.

Registration Information & Fees

Registration can be completed in myPhiDelt beginning March 1.

Registration can be completed by calling Renée Crist Lefter at General Headquarters at 513-523-6345, ext. 242. View the Registration Classification section to determine if you are a delegate or a visitor and to determine if you are eligible to be reimbursed for some of your Convention expenses.

Important Registration Policies

Undergraduate Chapter (Voting) Delegates – The deadline for your registration is May 1!

Hotel reservations and travel arrangements, including air reservations, are the responsibility of individual participants, including delegates.

Registration/meal fees do not cover any portion of hotel room costs.

Registration fees do not cover any portion of meals which are not part of the official convention program.

All applicable fees are due by May 1.

Cancellations received after June 1 are non-refundable.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are not yet determined.

Please refer to the section regarding your registration classification before making payment. Your registration/meal fees may be covered by the Fraternity if you are a voting chapter delegate, general officer, or the CABC/representative for your chapter advisory board.

Visiting undergraduates and alumni, family members, and guests must pay the fees for the events in which they choose to participate.

Alumni Club Delegates must also pay the fees for the events in which they choose to participate.

Chapter Delegate Details, Deadlines & Expenses

Code Requirements

The General Statutes of the Fraternity require that each chapter send an official delegate to the Biennial Convention. (See General Statutes, Section 30.) The delegate selected by the chapter must be an individual who will return to college as a regularly enrolled student following the convention. Failure to attend will result in a $1,000.00 assessment toward your chapter.  


The registration/credentials (online registration) for the chapter delegate should be submitted as soon as he is elected. Credentials will be declared in order, provided the chapter is free of outstanding reports or money payments to the General Fraternity at the time the convention convenes. If there are no financial payments due the General Fraternity, the delegate will receive his check for travel, room at convention. (See General Statutes, Section 31.)

Official Alternate

Each chapter is required to elect an alternate who must meet the same requirements as those set forth for the delegate. If, for some reason, the delegate is unable to attend the convention, the alternate will become the official delegate and all information outlined above applies.

If both the delegate and the alternate attend the convention, the alternate will be expected to pay the registration fee and his other expenses, and should register as a visitor. The alternate is responsible for making his room reservations at the hotel if he will be attending the convention. The delegate and alternate, or other visiting members, may room together. Any delegate changes should be reported to Headquarters as soon as possible, by contacting Renée Crist Lefter at, 513-523-6345, Ext. 242.

Registration Deadline

Refer to the previous sections on how to register. It is important that a chapter delegate is registered by May 1.

Chapter Delegate Expenses

Please Review Before Registering Your Voting Undergraduate Chapter Delegate!

Meals – The official voting chapter delegate does not pay the convention registration fee for his convention meal events. He should bring extra funds for any extra meals outside the set convention meal events.

Travel – The General Fraternity will help provide partial travel expenses for the official delegate from the site of his chapter to Scottsdale, Arizona. This means, of course, that any additional travel costs must be borne by the individual, or the chapter if the members approve. The delegate may use his travel allowance toward whatever means of travel he chooses, whether flying or driving.

RoomA room allowance for the cost of half of a hotel room for three nights’ lodging ($285 U.S., including tax), and board expenses, for the official chapter delegate, will be provided. The travel, room, and board allowance will be provided for the dates of the convention while the delegate is in attendance at the meeting. One check for his total allowance amount will be issued in the delegate’s name and will be provided to him at the convention.

Each delegate is responsible for making his room reservation at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa by 5:00 p.m. (EST), Monday, May 22, 2023. After that date, the hotel may be sold out.

Important – If the chapter owes any outstanding payments to General Headquarters after April 30, this amount will be deducted from their delegate’s check and applied to the chapter’s outstanding account. The chapter treasurer should then reimburse the delegate for the amount deducted.

For questions about the specific allowance amount for your chapter’s voting delegate, or help with pairing of other delegates to share a room, please contact Renée Crist Lefter at or 513-523-6345, ext. 242.


When the link becomes available, all attendees, including delegates, are responsible for making their own room reservations at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa. by 5:00 p.m. (EST), Monday, May 22, 2023. After that date, the hotel may be sold out. Phi Delta Theta Headquarters will not make your room reservation for you, even though you have registered with us for the convention.

Please note that you will not be able to check into your room until 4:00 p.m or you may be subject to an early check-in fee. Check out time is 11:00 a.m.

If you encounter any problems contacting hotel reservations, or need assistance, contact Renée Crist Lefter at General Headquarters:, (513) 523-6345, ext. 242.


Please indicate on your Convention registration if you need a roommate. Please include your email address and phone number. We will assist in matching you with another attendee(s).


Flying to Scottsdale

If you are flying to the convention, you should fly into the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), which is about ten miles from the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa.

Once you have booked your flight, return to your online registration within MyPhiDelt to update your registration with your travel information. Or, you may email, fax, or mail your travel itinerary to Renée Crist Lefter at General Headquarters.

General Officers (General officers are alumni volunteers for the General Fraternity), if your flight is below $500, feel free to pay for it yourself and submit a voucher to be reimbursed.

Driving to Scottsdale

If you are driving to the convention, please indicate this on your registration, including your arrival and departure dates.



The Opening Session and the Grand Banquet are coat and tie. The Grand Banquet is a black tie (optional) event. During all other Business Sessions business casual is acceptable attire, however a collared shirt, dress slacks or khakis, and closed-toe shoes are required for entrance into the Convention Hall.

Suggestions for Family Members


Family members would be welcome to dress in casual wear for sightseeing, shopping, or relaxing by the pool. The Grand Banquet on Saturday evening is the most formal event of the entire convention and is promoted as black tie (optional) for the men. Accordingly, a cocktail dress, tea-length dress, or even a long, formal gown would be appropriate for the banquet. Children participating in the Children’s Banquet would be welcome to wear casual clothing.

Family Program

The Fraternity will provide a continental breakfast for family members on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings where they can meet others in attendance and plan any activities.

Family members are welcome to register and attend the opening session on Thursday evening, as well as the luncheons on Friday and Saturday, the Saturday afternoon Memorial Ceremony, and the Grand Banquet on Saturday evening. A children’s banquet is also available for young children on Saturday evening at no charge.

Families are encouraged to explore the numerous area activities on the Visit Scottsdale website. Area alumni will attend the convention and offer suggestions on local attractions.