Conference Overview

Equipping Chapter Presidents For Success

The success of Phi Delta Theta is strong leadership—leadership based upon our three Cardinal Principles. Therefore, the Fraternity and the Phi Delta Theta Foundation created the McKenzie Family Presidents Leadership Conference (PLC) to develop leadership skills and train each chapter’s newly elected president. The Fraternity held the inaugural PLC in 2000 and, it remains a staple in the Fraternity’s educational programming efforts.

Over three days, PLC participants learn the fundamentals of being a chapter leader, emphasizing leadership, ethics, managing chapter operations and external relations, risk management, and character. In addition, the conference features presentations by the best speakers in the Greek world and breakout team meetings facilitated by volunteer alumni and General Headquarters staff members.

Presidents Leadership Conference Learning Outcomes:

Presidents Leadership Conference participants will:

  1. Acquire and apply both current and new knowledge in the following areas,
    • Internal chapter operations
    • Risk management information and planning
    • External relations and PR techniques
    • Hazing prevention practices
  2. Value a mutually beneficial and healthy relationship with the General Fraternity (GHQ, alumni volunteers, other chapters, etc.).
  3. Be prepared to demonstrate leadership in guiding their chapter to success.
Schedule of Events

The 2024 McKenzie Family Presidents Leadership Conference will occur from January 4–7, 2024, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Registration Info

Registration opens on October 1, 2023.

To attend the McKenzie Family Presidents Leadership Conference, you must be:

  • A newly elected president or president-elect.
  • Willing to learn and grow as a leader.
  • Committed to transferring the Fraternity not only, not less, but greater than it was transmitted to you.
  • Willing to model leadership in your activities as a Phi Delt man. Modeling leadership includes refraining from the use of alcohol and drugs during the conference.

Registration Deadline: December 1, 2023

  • Late registration fee (after December 1) = $25: deducted from the delegate’s travel reimbursement check.
  • Delegate change fee (after December 10) = $25: deducted from the delegate’s travel reimbursement check.
  • Room upgrade cost (deadline for room upgrade is December 10).
    • Standard lodging with double beds (2 people) – No added cost
    • Lodging upgrade to single (1 person) – $220 billed to chapter’s account

Registration Instructions

Registration for the McKenzie Family Presidents Leadership Conference will be open October 1, 2023 in myPhiDelt.

Travel & Lodging

PLC participants will arrive at the Renaissance St. Louis Hotel-Airport where they will be during the duration of the conference. Participants are not permitted to leave the property. All participants flying to St. Louis will take the hotel shuttle directly from the airport to the hotel.

Travel Reimbursements

PLC Attendees: A travel reimbursement check will be provided on the last night of the conference. This check will be based on ten cents per mile round trip from the hotel to your home chapter (up to $250). In the event a check is lost or misplaced, the replacement check will have the $35 stop payment fee deducted from the reimbursement amount.

Travel By Air

Make airline reservations early, as prices will increase as the date approaches.

Airport: All flights should arrive at the St. Louis Airport. (Airport Code: STL)

Notify us: Once you have made your air travel arrangements, please notify General Headquarters of your plans by emailing Renée Crist Lefter.

Free airport shuttle: When you fly to St. Louis, complimentary shuttles will take you from the airport to the hotel and back when you depart. There will not be any reimbursement should you choose to take a taxi to the hotel.

Arrival and Departure Times

You should plan to arrive at the conference by 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 4, 2024, and plan to leave no earlier than the morning of Sunday, January 7, 2024, morning. Registration begins at noon on Thursday.


Renaissance St. Louis Hotel-Airport
9801 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63134
(314) 429-1100


The Fraternity provides one-half of a double room for each chapter delegate from Thursday through Sunday. There will be no charge for the standard lodging arrangement of two people in a room. You can select the lodging upgrade option during registration if you wish to have a single room. All requests for an upgrade must be submitted by December 10 by contacting Renée Crist Lefter if not selected during registration. The lodging upgrade fee will be billed to the chapter’s GHQ account in January 2024.

Lodging Options and Cost:

  1. Standard lodging with double beds (2 people) – No added cost
  2. Lodging upgrade to single (1 person) – $220 billed to chapter’s account
If your travel plans require you to arrive one day early or stay one extra night, you will be responsible for the additional costs of the room. There is no need for you to make hotel reservations unless you plan on arriving a day early or stay an extra day.

Business casual clothing (khakis, polo-style shirts) for the general sessions, team meetings, and free time will be acceptable. Please bring either a t-shirt or sweatshirt with the name of your school. We will ask you to wear this attire on Saturday for special photos. No coat or tie is required for the conferences. Be sure to bring a winter coat as the average high for St. Louis in January is 39°F.

Faculty & Peer Mentor Info

More information coming soon.

The McKenzie Family

The McKenzie family business’ success comes from a spirit of community and a model of servant leadership. Now, Mickey and Barbara McKenzie have ensured that the Phi Delta Theta family’s young leaders receive the best-in-class preparation through the McKenzie Family’s $1 million endowment of the Presidents Leadership Conference—the premier annual membership development experience.

In August 2019, Barbara and Michael McKenzie, Texas Tech ’67, joined the Phi Delta Theta history books when they became the second living donors to make a $1 million gift to the Foundation. Barbara and Mickey made their gift to support member development, namely the Presidents Leadership Conference, which takes place annually in St. Louis and is attended by all chapter and emerging chapter presidents.

Mickey was initiated into the Texas Epsilon Chapter of Phi Delta Theta at Texas Tech in 1965 and was elated when thirty years later, his son Ryan was initiated into the brotherhood that had influenced his life. When presented with the chance to give back to Phi Delt, Mickey says he felt privileged to support an organization that provided Ryan, ’98, and him with wonderful opportunities and life-long friends. Having never seen a Brinks truck going to a cemetery, he and Barbara wanted to make their contribution now so that in their lifetime, they can witness the impact on chapters and build solid young leaders who will make a difference for those who come after them.

Mickey is the chairman of the board of Grocery Supply Company (GSC), founded in 1947 by brothers Curtis and Kenneth (Mickey’s father) McKenzie, and Woodrow Brittain. GSC is rooted in a mantra of “families serving families.” While the company has grown and evolved since its founding, they stay true to the family culture. Both the McKenzies and Phi Delta Theta value servant leadership as a key to building strong organizations, attributing stewardship, humility, service, gratitude, and self-awareness as the crucial elements when dealing with internal and external constituents.

Ryan McKenzie, COO, notes the staff’s longevity at GSC by stating, “I’ve known many of our employees since I was a kid working in the warehouse during the summers. Of our six-hundred employees, one-third of them have been with our company for over twenty years. We see this as a true blessing. Our business continues to grow, but GSC remains committed to our family culture.” GSC has numerous stories of co-workers helping one another in times of need. Employees of GSC have created several charities for those most in need in the community. One example was a truck driver who desired to help military veterans and started a charity called Operation Victor Echo Tango (VET). GSC sponsors an annual barbecue cookout with all proceeds going to local vets and their families for emergency financial needs.

The family business comes in second only to the business of the family. In addition to Ryan (and his wife, KK), Barbara and Mickey also have a daughter, Mariah; they have also been blessed with eight grandchildren: four future Phi Delts and four lovely granddaughters. Barbara and Mickey enjoy traveling the world in their free time, having visited six continents! Scotland is a favorite return to their ancestral roots, and Mickey often wears the original McKenzie clan tartan kilt at formal events.

Mickey is also quite close with several of his Texas Epsilon brothers and makes an annual trek to the group’s New Mexico gathering. The Fraternity has certainly been a lifelong experience for Mickey, and one that he hopes to pass on to future generations. Phi Delta Theta is thankful to Barbara and Mickey for their monumental support of this brotherhood leadership learning experience. We are proud to cement their legacy in the newly named McKenzie Family Presidents Leadership Conference.

Ryan McKenzie

“I have great memories of visiting Texas Tech with my family. I was always amazed at the close friendships with my dad’s Fraternity brothers and how happy they were to get together over college football weekends in Lubbock. To this day, he is still close with many of his Texas Epsilon brothers. Years later, when I became a member, I cultivated many similar friendships and couldn’t be more appreciative. Many of us were the sons of older Phi Delts, which made it even more special for both generations.”

“My dad has always fostered and nurtured friendships, and I certainly think I learned that from him. The men I’ve met through the Fraternity have shaped who I am today, that’s for sure. Without a doubt, my Dad and I both have lifelong friendships through Phi Delta Theta, and I am extremely grateful for that.”