Mar 7, 2018

3 Mid-Term Tactics For Scholarship Chairmen To Improve Your Chapter’s GPA

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3 Mid-Term Tactics For Scholarship Chairmen To Improve Your Chapter’s GPA

By Nick Brennan – Leadership Consultant

It’s a tumultuous time of year for Phi Delt scholarship chairmen. You’ve worked hard all semester – planning study hours and tracking brotherhood performance – and now the end of the school year is in sight. Spring break and formal are right around the corner; you’re excited. There’s only one thing keeping you from fun in the sun: exam season…

Many chapter members find themselves in similar spots leading up to finals season after mid-terms – wanting to do a little bit better. Here are some tips for scholarship chairmen and general chapter members looking to boost chapter GPA’s by semester’s end:


First and foremost, it’s important to know where you and your chapter brothers stand. If you’re a scholarship chairman, ask chapter members to fill out a Grade Check Form and have it signed by their professors. This will help you see where brothers are succeeding and where they could use some improvement.

Set Goals

Using Phi Delt’s Academic Goal Sheet, have members write out what their perfect semester looks like in terms of academic success. What GPA are you striving for as an individual or as a chapter? How do you envision yourself performing on upcoming papers or exams? What are you going to do in order to address your academic areas that need improvement? Be sure to help members lay out step-by-step plans for meeting milestones, and set hard deadlines!


Track brotherhood GPA in a spreadsheet and put some thought into where the chapter should go from here. Do you need to increase study hour obligations to meet overall goals? Are incentives needed to help brothers meet their individual goals? Sit down with your executive board and come up with a plan that will meet most members’ needs for the remainder of the year.

There is no perfect science in helping your chapter to achieve academic success. However, with a little planning and the use of Phi Delt’s academic resources, you’ll surely be able to leave your chapter better than when you inherited it.

For more guidance as to how you can help your chapter meet Phi Delta Theta’s new minimum standard GPA of a 2.75, follow this link!

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