Feb 21, 2023

A Tribute to Brian Fraser, From the Brothers of Michigan Beta at Michigan State

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A Tribute to Brian Fraser, From the Brothers of Michigan Beta at Michigan State

Members of Michigan Beta Honor Brian’s Legacy

On February 13, 2023, Brian Fraser tragically lost his life to a senseless act of violence. Brian served as the Michigan State Phi Delta Theta Chapter President. As the leader of the Michigan Beta Chapter, Brian was a great friend to his Phi Delt brothers, the Greek community at Michigan State, and those he interacted with on campus. His fellow chapter brothers spent time recognizing the impact Brian had on their lives:

Brian, I first met you in the eighth grade at St. Paul. You were the first new friend I made there. I remember you sat at the allergy table, introduced yourself, and shook my hand. I was nervous about being in a new school, and you made me feel so welcomed and comfortable when you could’ve just ignored me like some of the other kids. After getting to know you that year, Brian, you became one of my closest friends. We were inseparable throughout high school. Whether it be car rides, watching sports, playing video games, or whatever we did on the weekend, you were always there by my side. Every Sunday night after you got your license, you would pick me up from my house to get smoothies. We would drive up and down the lake jamming out to music and talking about anything that came to our minds. Along one of the countless car rides we took with one another, we decided to be roommates if we decided to go to the same college. Both our choices ended up being MSU, and before you knew it, the guy I met at the allergy table in eighth grade was my roommate at college. We were so excited to start our college journeys together. It was the most exciting time of my life. During our time as roommates, we spent virtually all of our time together. If I wasn’t at class, I was with you, Brian. We grew so close to one another during our time as roommates that it felt like we were more family than friends. We knew we wanted to join a fraternity, and Phi Delt was the first house we went to during recruitment. The second we walked through the doors of 626, the men of Phi Delta Theta greeted us with kindness and respect. During our time in the Fraternity, you matured into an amazing leader and an even more amazing person. You were elected president of our chapter unanimously. Brian, you touched my life in ways I cannot even explain. You are my rock, my best bud. If I ever needed anything, I knew you would come through for me. No matter where we went or what we were doing, as long as you were there, I knew it would be fine. You had the greatest smile in the world, and you worked hard for it. Those pearly whites didn’t come for free. Many methods were done to perfect those things, I saw it first hand, you name a teeth whitening method, and Brian did it. It made your smile so special, though. You lit any room you walked into, and it was so contagious. You always showed so much joy and would not accept it if we weren’t doing the same. Brian, you were such a bright light and brought happiness to an unbelievable amount of people. Everyone needs a best friend in their life, and I can’t explain how honored I am to be able to call Brian mine. You were the best friend I could have ever wanted, exactly the person I needed. The tears now are only temporary, but the memories we made, the conversations we had, and the bond that we shared, will live on in my heart forever. I can’t explain how thankful I am for you, Brian.

Brian has been my friend since the fourth grade when we would play each other in Little League games. It started with talking and getting concessions after our baseball games. When we were older, we would go on drives and sing our favorite songs, talk about our lives, giving each other advice. He was a brother to me, and he was my best friend. We would attend numerous sporting events together and cheer on our favorite sports teams. We debated what moves we needed to make for the teams to improve. Brian was a year older than me, but he was the older brother that I never had. He would give me advice and lead by example. Brian would make me laugh and smile by cracking jokes or even just walking into the room. Brian was the one who got me to join Phi Delta Theta, as he showed me what true brotherhood was. We were on e-board for the upcoming semesters, and I got lost on what to do. Brian was constantly there giving me feedback and advice. He made sure I was okay. We began to get closer and closer as we shared many classes together. I would visit him in his dorm while waiting for my next class. We would have heated Madden games where it would usually end in him winning. He was always there for me and willing to talk. Brian was not only a friend but my big brother.

Brian, words cannot describe what we are all feeling right now. You never deserved any of this. Such a beautiful young man with so much to offer. I am so blessed to call you a cousin, friend, and little brother. I am beyond proud of your accomplishments and lucky to have known you since the day you were born. From family vacations as a kid to watching you lead within the Fraternity, I’ve been blessed to watch you grow. I’ll never forget how adventurous of a little kid you were, always running around, always so curious, and then you were in college with me. I couldn’t have been happier. I’ll never forget the first chapter meeting when you became president; I was beyond proud to see you lead, not to mention how easy you made it seem, looking like you had been president for years. Just so confident, level-headed, and always on the lookout for everyone else. I love you, Brian. Rest easy. You made the world a better place for us all.

Brian was one of the most genuine guys that I have ever met. There was truly never a dull moment in his presence. He constantly had that big bright smile on his face and never failed to crack a classic awful dad joke we all secretly loved. Brian was my twin within the Fraternity, and that built a special bond between us. He was incredibly dedicated to growing our chapter and always made the extra effort in any circumstance. Brian was one of a kind with such a charming personality. He will always be in our thoughts, and I will cherish the memories we made together forever.

Brian was my brother and my friend. He was a great soul and will forever be of the best guys I have ever met. I learned a lot from him, serving as his vice president. We worked closely together and enjoyed collaborating. He was a smart and funny guy who knew how to lead by example. He was a great well-respected leader; he was very dedicated to our chapter and did everything he could to make us grow and become the greatest version of ourselves. I only met him as a freshman, but he impacted my life and many others. He was a role model to many and made everyone around him a better and brighter person. I know that Michigan Beta will continue to carry on his legacy and make him proud as he did for us. We love you, Brian, and will never forget the impact you had on each and every one of us.

Brian Fraser was one of the kindest, most genuine, hard-working, and most dedicated souls anyone could ever come across. I had only known Brian since we met a little over a year and a half ago as two freshmen who had joined the same Fraternity. Since then, I have gotten to know Brian very well. As president of our Fraternity, he could light up a room with just his presence, and at the same time, he valued everyone’s opinion and thought equally. Everyone loved Brian. As president of our Fraternity, he proved how dedicated he was. From his serious talks to his terrible dad jokes (which were secretly very funny), I loved every second I spent with Brian. He is the type of person everyone should aspire to be. Brian, you will be my brother for life, and there won’t be a second that I won’t miss you. Rest easy, Brian. We all love you.

I only knew Brian for six months, but it felt like an eternity. Brian was an easygoing, genuine guy that deserved more than this. He was such a great guy from the day I met him, and he would always lighten the mood when he walked in with that huge smile. He will forever be someone who taught me so much in such little time. When I first met him at the beginning of this school year, I never thought a friendship would grow so fast. From introducing me to new songs and bringing food back for the game after his shifts, to the really hilarious arguments we would all have for no reason at all, and the laugh I can still hear repeating in my head, there was just so much more that was still left for us to do. He was not only a friend but a brother. He cared so much about everyone in Phi Delta Theta and did his best to create a better chapter, brotherhood, and bond for all of us. I will never forget the memories we had within the last six months. You will be in my thoughts for so long, and the memories will never be forgotten. Words cannot describe my feelings right now. Thanks for making the world a better place. Rest easy. Love you, Brian.

I didn’t know Brian until I came to Michigan State, but he was one of the most genuine people I’ve met, always looking out for others, someone who was inclusive and a brilliant guy. Someone who did make the world a better place, and his actions within Phi Delt were superior. We will always continue your legacy, Brian. I am so grateful to know you, and we miss you always.

I am beyond blessed to get to know Brian as not only a human but as a friend. You always had a smile on your face and were the kindest and most generous person I have ever gotten to know. You will be deeply missed but will cherish in our hearts forever. Love you, Brian. Rest easy, brother.

I have been friends with Brian since I was around three years old. We grew up together, we played sports together, and our families were very close to each other. Every memory I have with him, I will cherish forever. Valentine’s Day will never be the same. Instead, I will spend the day shining a light on the life of my lifelong friend, Brian Fraser. Brian, I can’t even express the pain I am feeling. All I can leave with this message is that I love you, Brian. You and your soul deserve eternal joy, peace, and harmony for all of eternity. You will be deeply remembered in the core of my being, forever. I love you.

I only knew Brian since the beginning of this school year, but in that time, I became close enough with him to learn that he was one of the most genuine and kindhearted people I had met in my life. In countless times being with him, he never had a bad look on his face nor had a reason to. There was no one more I would’ve wanted as our leader, and our Fraternity was in the best hands it possibly could have been. Brian, you were the best brother, president, and friend. You will always be remembered.

I only got to get to know Brian a year and a half ago, and I am such a better person for getting the opportunity. Brian was one of the most genuine and kind kids I have ever met. He was a true friend that was pushing for you to be better and helping you along the way. I am truly honored to have gotten to know you and call you a fraternity brother. You will be remembered in everyone’s lives that you touched. I wish you and your family all of my prayers. Rest easy in heaven, Brian.

Brian Anthony Fraser was a kind, mature young man and an incredible leader who would do anything for his friends, family, and brothers. Although I only met Brian this fall semester, it felt like we had been friends for a long time. I never saw Brian without a smile on his face, and he would always greet me with a big hug, and we would talk about everything that was going on in our lives. He was an amazing big brother and was always willing to help me with school or life. The world lost an unbelievable person this week, and nothing can ever change that, but I know that Brian is in a great place and is now watching over all of us. I love you, and you will always be missed. Rest in eternal peace, my friend.

Even though I came here not knowing Brian at all, I’m beyond blessed and very grateful to have gotten to know the kind of person he was. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more down-to-earth and genuine person like him. He was super welcoming, and I’m proud to call him my president and an even better brother. Even though this is a difficult time for all of us, we can at least know that Brian was very proud of all the guys in this chapter, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Brian, I know you’re in a good place now. I hope you and your soul rest in peace for eternity. I wish my greatest prayers on you and your family because you all deserve our love from us. I love you as a friend and brother, but more importantly, we all love you as a family. May you rest in peace.

Brian was someone that lit up the room wherever he was. He was welcoming and caring; you could tell how much he cared about many things and people. I’d always call him, and he would talk your ear off about how we could better the Fraternity. I always looked forward to seeing him behind the counter at work. I wish all the everlasting light and joy he gave us upon him. He made this world a better place. Rest easy. I love you forever, Brian.

Brian Fraser was one of the most genuine, down-to-earth people I have ever been lucky enough to know. He exemplified a role model to everyone, was dedicated to the betterment of our chapter, and pushed everybody to be the best they could be. Brian had such a bright personality and always brought positivity with his presence. Although I only knew Brian for a short period of time, the impact he has had on me will be long-lasting. We will always remember him for the amazing young man he was, and we should all learn to be more like Brian. I am honored to consider you my fraternity brother. I will cherish the time I spent at MSU with you and pray that you watch over us all from Heaven.

I’ve known Brian since my freshman year at MSU, where we were both first introduced to the great brotherhood of Phi Delta Theta. We worked at the same country club in the summertime, and I would see him before our shifts before we went separate ways to our duties. Even when we were running late, he would always stop to say hello and ask how I was doing. Brian’s father was a member of the country club and was kind, just like Brian. Mr. Fraser and I had talked about Michigan State, how my shift had been going, and Brian. I want to thank Brian for always seeing how I was doing, making sure everyone had a smile around him, and caring so much for all of us by being a great leader, brother, and friend. To the Fraser family, thank you for allowing us to get to know Brian. I will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

I met Brian earlier this year as I rushed Phi Delta Theta, and I remember him immediately being one of the most welcoming guys there. He would go out of his way to make everyone feel welcome, and his leadership was like none other. I always remember how happy and outgoing he was and never failed to make any of us laugh. He told us stories about the parts of Grosse Pointe and Belle Isle and how many memories he had at school with his fellow fraternity brothers. Brian was just such a great guy. Watching him lead inspired me to want to do the same later down the road. Thank you, Brian, for the countless memories at the house, for your smile always lighting up the room around you, and for always being willing to talk even when we were setting up last minute before an event. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family members and loved ones. May he rest in peace.

Although I’ve only known Brian for six months, his legacy will last a lifetime. Brian was one of the most authentic guys I’ve ever met. He was a compassionate, empathetic, and driven leader who always had the best interest of others in mind. If there was an issue or if I had any questions, I never hesitated to reach out to him. One of my favorite memories of Brian took place on my initiation night, where we laughed, joked, and reflected on all the memories we shared throughout the semester. I’ll never forget walking through the doors of the Phi Delt house and feeling welcomed by his beloved laugh and smile. He lit up an entire room. We’ll never forget his impact on our Fraternity. Rest in paradise, Brian, until we meet again.

Very rarely do you come across a guy like Brian. Not only did he care for the Fraternity a great deal, but he cared for all of us as individuals. When talking to him, I could tell he was interested in whatever I had to say. I met Brian when I joined Phi Delta Theta in the fall of 2021. It was then that I realized the type of man Brian was and the great personality that he always had with him. Whenever Brian would walk into the dorm, he would have a big smile on his face, which usually turned into smiles on our faces. I am going to miss seeing you around. I send prayers to Brian and the Fraser family.

I met Brian during my first year here at Michigan State. You could tell from the start the kind of guy Brian was, a loving, caring individual who put himself second. His leadership and dedication to the Fraternity was something special. He cared a lot, and I mean a lot. I will never forget the impact Brother Fraser had on me. Brian, you taught me a lot about life. Never would I have thought you would be gone. After these last three semesters, I am happy to call you my brother. You made everyone around you a better person. You lifted the mood in every room you walked in. Thank you for shining a light in my life. Thank you for being a friend and brother. See you in another lifetime, brother. Rest easy.

I met Brian during my first year at Michigan State. I had encountered him weeks before joining Phi Delta Theta together. From that moment, I knew what kind of guy he was, a caring, genuine, and charismatic individual. As I got to know Brian, we built a friendship that will last forever. He could always brighten the mood with his contagious smile and charismatic energy. He cared deeply about his family, friends, and Fraternity. He is the most dedicated and hardworking individual I have ever met. He was more than just a great friend; he was a great son, brother, and individual. Thank you, Brian, for all the great memories. I won’t forget them! See you in the next life, brother. I will miss you, always.

Fraser, though I only have known him for about a year and a half, it feels like I’ve known him forever. He lit up every room he walked in. There is not a single person who didn’t like this guy. There are not enough words for how great of a person, or leader, and friend Brian Fraser was. Thankful for all the time I got to know this incredible person. I will forever cherish all the memories with him. He was and is loved by so many. We will never forget you. Rest easy, my brother. You made our chapter and this world a better place.

Fraser was an inspiration to everyone around him. While only knowing him for a year and a half, I knew he would be someone I could count on for the rest of my life. Brian was one of those guys who was just impossible to dislike. He was smart, funny, and a great leader. Most importantly, I never saw him without a smile on his face. He brought happiness to everyone around him, no matter the situation. He will forever be in our hearts, and we will continue to spread joy in his honor. Rest easy, Brian.

Brian was one of a kind, and the world lost an amazing individual. I did not know Brian before he joined Phi Delta Theta, but as soon as he joined, I knew we needed someone like him in our brotherhood. He cared for us as a Fraternity, but most importantly, he cared for us as individuals. Brian led by example and pushed us to be the greatest version of ourselves. You are loved and missed by everyone, Brian.

Brian was the nicest and most genuine guy I have ever met. From the day I met him, he was always so outgoing and had a smile. Sadly, I had only met him this year, but it did not take long for me to be able to tell what kind of person Brian was. You could tell who he was after just one conversation because he cared for everyone around him. Brian brought joy into the lives of everyone who knew him. He was one of those guys that got along with everyone. He was a natural leader and friend, and I feel honored to call Brian my brother. He will be missed greatly by everyone and will forever be in our hearts. Rest easy, brother.

I met Brian around this time last year and immediately knew he was someone I wanted to be friends with. He was one of the main reasons I decided to join our Fraternity because of how passionate he was about it, and that was my favorite quality about him. Brian talked with passion and charisma and always wanted the best for everyone. He was someone that could lead and inspire while at the same time being there for you and providing laughs and smiles when needed. Brian always tried his best to teach me how to play Euchre, even when it took a bit longer for me to understand, and for that, I will always be grateful. His presence lifted the room, and I will cherish our last memory forever. Brian will always have a place in my heart, and I will honor his legacy of making a change for the best in our world. Rest easy, Brian. You are so loved.

I met Brian last year during our first year. We went on spring break together, and what a great time that trip was. Brian had the time of his life, and we shared many memories I will cherish forever. He lived in the dorm down the hall from me, and we would always be together. Whether we were hanging out in my room, eating together every day, or lifting together, most of all shared great memories. He was just a genuinely great guy. Even if he was having a bad day, there was always a smile on his face. Even though he had a bunch of jokes that never landed, I wish I could hear one again and probably not laugh again, like usual. We shared so many memories in such a short time we knew each other. Brian was a great friend, a great person, and most of all, someone I called my best friend. He will always be in our thoughts and prayers, and I wouldn’t change the moments we spent together. Love you, Brian, until we meet again.

Brian was someone you could always count on to reside your feelings to. I met Brian early on in my first year at Michigan State, and we became close within our pledge class. I will miss all the times he came to my dorm at Campbell and introduced me to all his friends from back home. It was an incredible honor to meet people from his past and be a part of his life. He always lightened up any room when he walked in with his smile and sense of humor. On the first day of sophomore year, I visited Brian’s dorm to see his new room. Something that Brian said that will always stick with me was, “I really missed you. I’m glad you’re here.” Those words were incredibly important to me and will stick with me forever. He never failed to make you feel welcomed and a part of something. I wish I could tell him how important he was to so many of us and how he influenced me and many others. Brian, you were a compassionate, loving, mature, and humble human with so much love to share. Your leadership and integrity within this fraternity will not go unnoticed. You will forever be in our minds and hearts. Rest peacefully, Brian. I love and miss you.

Brian was one of my closest friends during pledging. We saw each other nearly every day. He was truly my brother, and I’m beyond devastated I must go through life without him. My favorite memory with Brian was in Fort Lauderdale. We spent the night walking around, laughing, and enjoying ourselves. I’ll cherish the good times we shared and miss you more than you know. Love you forever, Fraser.

Brian was a well-spoken and charismatic person who could lead everyone and anyone. Brian’s dedication to the Fraternity, academics, and whatever was in front of him was unmatched. Brian had an incredible personality and a priceless smile. His presence was always known and always there for everyone. I met Brian during my pledge semester last fall, and despite only knowing him for a short time, his impact was immeasurable. He motivated everyone around him to become the best person they could be. I recall many minor but impactful moments with Brian that made me feel welcome and at home at Phi Delta Theta. I was truly honored to have the opportunity to have known Brian, and he will always be in my heart. Love you, Brian.

In the short time I knew him, Brian became a role model for me and many others around him. He set a standard for his peers. He encouraged everyone to become the greatest versions of themselves. Brian put others before himself. He wanted to make everyone around him better. Brian’s kindness, selflessness, and attitude made him a role model. He will always hold a place in my heart and others. It was truly an honor to call him a brother. Until we meet again, rest in peace.

Brian was the perfect person to represent all of us as a leader, person, and friend. In the short time, I knew him, I never heard a negative word about Brian, which shows his integrity and character. Brian’s future possibilities were endless, as his charisma, intelligence, and kindness made him someone everyone wanted to be around. On the Saturday before his passing, when I last spoke with him, I asked if he had to be at the event because he was president, and he said, “No, I just want to be here.” Brian lit up every room he stepped in. I can only hope one day I’ll see him again. Rest in peace, Brian.

Brian was loved by all. I have so many memories with him, and not a single one was ever bad. From memories such as Fort Lauderdale for spring break or a concert in our front yard, he always had a smile on his face. I remember one day, he walked into my room and told me he was planning on running for president and asked if he had my vote and if I thought he would do a good job. I told him he would have my entire pledge class’ votes, and I knew he would do great things for this Fraternity. As president, he was already paying old bills that the past executive boards had put off and planning events. Brian had already accomplished so much at such a young age and had so much life ahead of him. It’s unfair that we have to spend it without him, but I am so lucky to have gotten to know him in the first place. I love you, Brian. Fly high.

Brian was my leader and brother. He was one of the first brothers I talked to on the first day of Phi Delta Theta’s recruitment week and made a lasting impact on me after my first day. I remember the next day looking for him because he was such an open and outgoing guy. Brian was what many people should strive to be. He was only president for a few months, but he had so many great ideas, plans, events, solutions, and future aspirations that would help this Fraternity and everyone in it. If I had a problem, I would go to Brian. Brian always knew what to do in every situation, and I could not have asked for a better leader and friend. I love and miss you, Brian.

I met Brian last year during the first semester of recruitment; I was the recruitment chair. From the moment I met Brian, you could tell that he had all the qualities of a true leader; he was kind, understanding, and strong. Brian was the best of all of us, and we will miss him. I’m genuinely honored to have met Brian; he will always be my brother.

Brian was a part of the fall 2021 semester pledge class. I remember meeting Brian on the first nights of recruitment. Brian was charismatic, interested, and driven. When you spoke with Brian, you could tell he was a leader. It was no surprise when Brian reached out to me to tell me he was running for president of our beloved chapter. I am a previous president, and it was a no-brainer that Brian was the right choice for the job. When he started his presidency, you would have thought he had years of experience due to being so calm, focused, and patient when leading our chapter. We all love you, Brian. Rest easy, brother.

Brian, I will cherish the memories of Grosse Pointe over the summer and fall break. Although we weren’t extremely close, we were still great friends, and I’ll miss you, man. I’ll miss you in our 8 a.m. class. I know you’re in a better place, but this is surreal. You were an amazing friend and had such a big heart for everything. As president, you wanted to bring us together and work with the chapter on improvements. There will not be a day I won’t think about you. Rest easy, Brian.

Brian, in the short time that I have known you, I have looked up to you so much. You truly embody everything that makes a gentleman. You are incredibly devoted and caring for those around you, constantly lighting the rest of our days with the love that you share with us. You were fearless in leading our Fraternity and did it unselfishly for the benefit of everyone else. We will strive to take every day of our lives with the joy you spread to us. Our brotherhood will forever live on through your impact. Rest well in paradise, brother. I love you so much.

Brian was so much more than my brother or fraternity president. I didn’t know Brian for long or was as close to him as others, but I couldn’t help being influenced by him. He was one of the kindest and most genuine people I have met. Brian was the best of us, and we will strive to be more like him. Rest easy, brother.

Words cannot describe how amazing Brian was. The first time I met Brian was our Big/Little night when I found out he was my great-grand little. I had a fantastic time getting to know Brian and bonded with him that night. What stuck out to me the most was his character and values. Brian was both the kindest and most caring person I’ve ever met. He put his brothers over himself and exemplified what true brotherhood means. We will never forget Brian. We will continue to celebrate his life every day for the rest of our lives.

I met Brian in the fall of 2021 while he was a Phikeia. Immediately upon meeting him, I knew that Brian cared about the Fraternity. I knew that he would contribute to making Michigan Beta amazing. Brian was not only charismatic and fun to be around, but his leadership as president was inspiring and made me want to do better. I wish I had spent more time with him, and I’m sure all of us feel the same way in that regard. In coelo quies est, Brother Brian.

Brian was one of the first brothers in Phi Delt I met during recruitment. I have never felt more welcomed or comfortable around someone I just met. There was something about him that was just different than others. His smile was genuine, and he possessed leadership qualities I had never seen in someone before. He always seemed to light up the room when he walked in. I felt like I had someone to go to because of him. After initiation, I felt a genuine brotherly connection with Brian. When I heard Brian was elected president, I knew he would positively change the Fraternity. I was lucky enough to interview him, and the one thing that always stuck with me that he said was, “I want to change the world around me.” And he did. He was always smiling but serious when he needed to be. Brian wanted the best for everyone and inspired me to do better. The world around you was lucky to have you. I love you, Brian, fly high and rest in peace, my friend and friend for life.

This semester is when I started to get to know Brian. From the first real conversation I had with him, it was clear how genuine he was. He always made sure everyone was smiling and having a good time. He was a very kind person, our leader, and he will be missed by everybody. It was a privilege to know him. We love you, Brian. Rest in peace.

When Brian was elected president back in December, I could just tell that he would do a great job. He was always able to speak in a calm and professional manner. He had every quality that you look for in a great leader, and he made everyone feel that they belonged. Since I previously held a position, I knew Brian would have his work cut out for him, but he was ready for every second of it. When we met up at the bank to transfer his name to the bank account, he was so professional and knew exactly what to do; it seemed as if he had been president for over a year. His dedication to the Fraternity and to being a great leader really showed. I truly wish that I could’ve gotten to know Brian better. Brian, you will be greatly missed, rest in peace.

I sadly only had a very short time with Brian regarding getting to know him, but there was never a dull moment in that span of five months. I remember the first time I got to know him. He took interest in me and allowed me to connect with him every time we spoke after that. The conversations were always very genuine, and I could tell he was one of those people in our world that wanted nothing but the best for others and was always interested in talking about something, whether it is just a simple exchange or a personal topic. When he got elected as president, I did not really know what to expect since I was still all new to this, but not once did he fail expectations. Brian was always on top of his game, he was ready to help anyone, willing to make time for others, had a huge amount of patience with everyone, and always kept me and my fellow brothers in line. Words really do fail me to describe Brian, but he was such a great fellow student and brother to have by my side, and I am honored and will be forever honored to call him my president. I will greatly miss you Brian and do my best to carry on the legacy you formed. Love you, Brian.

Brian left a smile and contagiously positive energy in every room he entered. There was never a time Brian was not smiling. Truly one of the nicest people to be around. The moment I met Brian at rush I knew he would be a great member of Phi Delta Theta and a courageous leader. He was an amazing person and a light in all of our lives. He will be missed by every one of us tremendously. We all love you, Brian.

I have only had the pleasure of knowing Brian for six months and in that time I was reminded every day of the kind, caring, and happy person he was. He took his role as president head on and everyone was excited to see the great things we knew he would do. From seeing him cleaning after chapter and taking countless responsibilities to better our Fraternity, he cared about every single one of us, and we all knew it. I introduced him to one of my lifelong friends and we ended up talking for a while. After we left, my friend told me how great of a guy he was and how he made him feel so welcome. He truly was one of the best people I had the honor of knowing. We will miss you, Brian. I love you.

From the day I met Brian during recruitment, I knew that he was someone that we wanted in our Fraternity. I also knew that he would be someone who everyone in the chapter would become great friends with. Getting to know Brian throughout the years, I don’t think I’ve ever met such a respectful and kind soul. In the way he carried himself around everyone he met, you always had a great conversation or encounter with the kid. When Brian approached me about becoming chapter president, I never had a doubt in my mind that he would not do an outstanding job and that’s exactly what he was doing. Handing that position over to him, I knew that chapter was in the hands of someone who had high expectations not only for himself but for the entire chapter. He would constantly reach out to me before he took over, always wanting to know more about the role and things he could do to be a great president. Not only was I able to become closer to Brian through that experience, but being a frequent customer at the Union I would always walk in there hoping to see Brian’s big smile and hopefully have a conversation with him. The number of times we saw each other at the Union will never be forgotten and it breaks my heart knowing that I won’t be able to experience those conversations anymore. Brian is someone that everyone is lucky to have come in contact with if they ever got the opportunity, and I’m so grateful to be able to call him not only my friend but also my brother. Brian, I know you are up there watching over all of us right now, and I want you to know that everyone you have ever met will continue your legacy and has been made a better person because of the impact you had on people. We love you Brian, and you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace with our lord, until we all meet again.

Brian, I never would’ve thought I’d be writing this. I always thought we would’ve been talking about memories years from now. You were an amazing person with a way of always making people smile. I pray you to know the impact you’ve had on everyone around you. Even when you were complaining you always had a way of smiling through it. You’ll never be forgotten, my friend.

Brian was one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met. Words cannot describe the pain we all feel, to losing such a great soul that you were. The loving smile and positivity that he always brought was something truly special. A selfless and courageous leader, who cared so much about the Fraternity and each and every person around him. It was a privilege and honor to have you in our presence and you will be dearly missed. Forever a brother to all of us. We love you, Brian, rest in peace.

Brian was one of the most caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I remember the first weekend after he became president. While most were at home enjoying their Friday, Brian was at our house cleaning. That night he told us that no matter how much help he had, he would make sure that our Fraternity was ready to host a gathering, even if he had no help. Brian was so selfless and cared about others more than himself. We will all miss him. Brian will be loved forever.

Fraser wasn’t just a great guy and great friend but much more than that. He brightened every room he walked into and always knew how to have fun. An amazing human with an even bigger heart that could do no wrong. I didn’t know Brian till I met him during rush last fall and it seemed like he just connected with everyone so easily. I can’t even begin to describe how tragic this is and so undeserving. Such a great guy I’m lucky I got to call you a friend. Rest easy, Brian.

Brian was without a doubt one of the nicest guys that I have had the pleasure of knowing. He was one of those guys that you just never had a reason to get mad at, since he was kind and welcoming to everyone. He was very mature, responsible, and level-headed, all great qualities in a leader. It was obvious that he cared about Phi Delt and his brothers greatly, and he put lots of work into bettering the Fraternity, even with the short amount of time he had to do it. No matter what I was stressing about, talking to him always put me at ease, and helped me through what was a very chaotic time in my life. Even now I can’t imagine not seeing him around the house, in class, or at our events. He was one of our best, and none of us in Phi Delt will ever forget Brian. Rest easy brother, we miss you.

Six months ago, I made the decision that I did want to become a part of a brotherhood. I knew of Phi Delt from home and from hanging around them on campus. A friend of mine mentioned a Phi Delt named Brian Fraser, and said I would get along with him.

One day, I was heading downstairs with some friends to go on a walk, and we were waiting for the elevator to open. Surely enough, Brian was the only one inside the elevator. I asked him if he wanted to come with us, and he did. During the walk, he explained recruitment to me, when it was, where it was, and how it all worked. The energy I got from him made me even more excited to go through recruitment and meet the people in this Fraternity. After I told him this, he started coming to our dorm to hang out with me and my roommate Jacob Henige, who was also in my pledge class. Brian just wanted to get to know us as people, and I wanted to get to know him too.

I could tell he cared about his Fraternity and was trying to make it a better chapter. During my pledge semester, Brian and I started getting really close. As some time passed, he told me he wanted to start making some money, and the Union seemed like a very convenient place because it was right next to our building. He started working at the Union, and of course, I had to come and visit him while he was working. After a few weeks of him working there, Brian and I had created a routine. He would go to work, and I would come and visit him. Brian would save his break so we could eat together. After he got off work, we would play Madden. Even if he did not have a good day at work, he would still come in with a smile. I love you, Brian. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and for being there when I needed it. You will be missed by so many and never forgotten. I’m going to miss all of the things we did together. Rest easy, Brian.

Phi Delta Theta sends its deepest condolences to the Fraser family, the Michigan Beta Chapter, and all those who loved Brian as they mourn their loss. In collaboration with his parents, Phi Delta Theta wishes to memorialize him through a Presidential Scholarship for Michigan Beta.

Funds raised in Brian’s memory will support the Brian Fraser Presidential Memorial Scholarship, which will help future Michigan Beta presidents fund their education. It is our hope at Phi Delta Theta and the hope of Brian’s parents that each Phi who receives this scholarship will embody Brian’s charismatic, contagious smile and caring, loyal energy.

In coelo quies est.

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