Aug 28, 2020

An Important Back-to-School Message from General Council President Dr. Chris W. Brussalis

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An Important Back-to-School Message from General Council President Dr. Chris W. Brussalis

It is during these trying times when we must lean on our shared values and do what ought to be done. Our undergraduate leaders, chapters, and volunteers are responding to incredibly stressful circumstances, leading with maturity, clarity, and resolve. To those men and women, we say thank you.

Let me be very clear and blunt in my reminder to you that your actions this fall are being watched under a microscope. Fraternities, including one of our chapters, are making unwanted and embarrassing headlines through reckless behavior by throwing campus parties that put everyone at risk.

By violating basic safety protocols during this global pandemic, you not only put yourself at risk, but you put your campus staff, faculty, and community at risk. Think about that food service worker who may have an elderly parent in their home. Think about that faculty member with a compromised newborn at home. Reckless actions can spread COVID-19 and devastate others who are risking their well-being to serve you.

Think beyond yourself and do what ought to be done. Do the right thing, and be your brother’s keeper. As leaders on your campuses, you have a heightened responsibility to willingly and responsibly adhere to even the most stringent limitations put upon you by your schools and communities for the sake of the greater good.

As a college student, you are welcomed as part of the local community. There is a common understanding that you agree to coexist, to share among the people with whom you interact, and to be a positive influence on everyone in the school and local community. When you step on campus, or take up residence in your school’s hometown, you are becoming an integral part of the locale. This is your home away from home, and you are now making your own decisions that affect your future. And now, more than ever, your decisions can have immediate and dire impact on those you live among. Please consider your community with every decision you make.

Phi Delta Theta must stand with other Greek peers and be the influence for good actions, responsible living, and the dedicated following of COVID-19 guidelines. Teamwork among peer groups, in collaboration with Greek life offices and school administrations, can bring positive momentum and result in positive news in place of bad news reports.

Unfortunately, we are learning that some groups are making selfish and irresponsible choices upon their campus returns and allowing themselves to fall prey to mob mentality, putting themselves, their chapter, the Fraternity, and their college community at risk because of their unwise and short-sighted choices. Please, do not let this be you or your chapter brothers.

Common sense and self-control must prevail among our members. We should never drop our guard. The call to be upstanding and wise, considering the present danger of the spread of COVID-19, is ours to accept. Now is the time to show your university administrations the strength of Greek fellowship, to lead amidst troubled circumstances, and to take responsible action by enforcing the various guidelines that COVID-19 requires for the benefit and safety of all.

Supporting and caring for our members continues to be Phi Delta Theta’s top priority. Our staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to be responsive and responsible as we proactively adjust our strategic plan with enhancements in the following areas: 1) Health and Safety, 2) Recruitment and Retention, 3) Programming and Support, and 4) Finances.

Thank you and welcome back to school. The 2020-2021 academic year will certainly be a year like no other. Each one of you has the chance to leave a lasting imprint on your community. Wear your mask. Be your brother’s keeper. Represent your Fraternity with honor. Be safe and well.

Please reach out to General Headquarters staff at with any questions or concerns.

Yours in the Bond,

Dr. Chris W. Brussalis, Allegheny ‘87

President of the General Council

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