Mar 17, 2016

Canadian Foundation Awards $14,000 In Scholarships To Undergraduate Canadian Phis

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Canadian Foundation Awards $14,000 In Scholarships To Undergraduate Canadian Phis

The Canadian Phi Delta Theta Foundation announced today that it has awarded $14,000 in scholarships to eleven Canadian Phis representing six chapters.

Winners of the 2015 Canadian Foundation scholarships are:

  • Jas Sahota – Western – $3,500 (J. Fred Green Award)
  • Mohamed Abo Aoun – Manitoba – $2,750
  • Matthew Barker – Alberta – $1,500
  • Liam Reeve – British Columbia – $1,500
  • Cole Maranger – Dalhousie – $750
  • Alexander Clark – York – $750
  • Christian Borgen – British Columbia – $750
  • John Abed – Western – $750
  • Stephen DiCristoforo – York – $750
  • Andrew Norrie – Western – $500
  • Stuart Mills – Dalhousie – $500

Jas Sahota – Western – J. Fred Green Award

Brother Sahota received the Canadian Foundation’s top honour in 2015 (the J. Fred Green Award). He was in his third year of study, majoring in Physiology at Western University in London. He is on the university’s Dean’s Honour List with an 88% average. In addition to focusing on his academic studies, Jas was a founding father of Ontario Beta and one of the original colony members in September 2013. In the colony, he held the Social Chair and Scholarship Chair position and current sits as the scholarship chair of the chapter. In addition to being the president of the London Bridges Community Service Group, Jas has also been involved with several service based organizations on campus and in the London community, including: Ronald MacDonald House, Boys & Girls Club, Best Buddies Canada, Leadership & Academic Mentorship Program. Jas also works on campus as a research assistant in the Numeral Cognition Lab as he strives towards medical school. The Foundation was pleased to recognize him with a $3,500 scholarship.

Mohamed Abo Aoun – Manitoba

Mohamed was in his second year of a Honours Biopsychology degree with medical school aspirations. Mohamed maintains a 4.3 GPA (4.5 GPA scale) and has already received both the Academic Proficiency Scholarship and the William L. Dyker Memorial Scholarship through university. In addition to joining Phi Delta Theta, Mohamed was also co-president of the Psychology Student’s Association, a member of the Canadian Federation of Students – Manitoba, and a member of university’s debate society, among other campus and community organizations. Balancing his commitment to the Fraternity and his volunteer organizations, Mohamed also finds time to work on campus as a tutor for international students in a variety of science-based courses. The Foundation was pleased to recognize him with a $2,750 scholarship.

Matthew Barker – Alberta

Brother Barker worked hard to maintain his high academics in a B.Sc. double major Biological Sciences & Psychology degree while being a key leader in his chapter as recruitment chair for the first semester, then being elected chapter president in November 2015. Barker has been recognized for his academic success in previous years through the university, including receiving the Jason Lang Scholarship in 2013 and 2015. Barker is a regional member of the Canadian Mental Health Association, has previously held leadership positions in organizations on campus, and is the current VP of Public Relations for the University of Alberta Interfraternity Council. In November 2015, Barker was also awarded membership in the Iota Omicron (University of Alberta) chapter of the Order of Omega, an international fraternity and sorority leadership honours society. The Foundation was pleased to recognize him with a $1,500 scholarship.

Liam Reeve – British Columbia

In his third year of an International Relations degree, Brother Reeve balanced a high standard of academics with his Fraternity responsibilities, volunteer opportunities and work. In the community, Brother Reeve volunteers at a local soup kitchen, and on campus he holds the position of VP Finance for the Arts Undergraduate Society, which represents and serves the 12,000+ arts students at UBC. In the chapter, Brother Reeve completed his year term as VP before being elected the chapter president in November 2015. Brother Reeve has aspirations to attend a summer conference in Europe which centers on studying abroad and getting a chance to interact with the European Union. The Foundation was pleased to recognize him with a $1,500 scholarship.

Cole Maranger – Dalhousie

Brother Maranger has completed his second year of a Kinesiology degree while maintaining a strong academic record for which he received a scholarship from Nova Scotia Alpha after his first year of study. In the Fraternity, Brother Maranger finished his term as VP before being elected chapter president in November 2015. Outside of the Fraternity, Brother Maranger was a member of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship and a volunteer with the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians. Brother Maranger also works as a medical assistant with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves. In only two years of university and being a member of the Fraternity, Brother Maranger has already held three executive officer positions and continues to be a strong role model for all members in the chapter. The Foundation was pleased to recognize him with a $750 scholarship.

Alexander Clark – York

Brother Clark completed his final year of History degree, maintaining strong academics while serving as a key leader in the chapter for several years. Joining the Fraternity in 2011, Brother Clark has held several officer roles in the chapter in helping the chapter rebound towards new heights. Outside of the chapter’s community involvement, Brother Clark volunteered in the Emerald Hill Mission soup kitchen during summers in Australia and volunteered on the Australia Paralympic Committee. On university campus, Brother Clark was one of the founders and the current VP of the ‘Fight for ALS’ society, a society that the chapter started at York University to raise funds and awareness for Phi Delta Theta’s official philanthropic cause. Brother Clark balances all of his involvement with working two part-time jobs during the school year and as an older member, serves in a senior brother role to the rest of the chapter. The Foundation was pleased to recognize him with a $750 scholarship.

Christian Borgen – British Columbia

Brother Borgen has completed his third year of a Commerce degree in which his academic success has earned him Dean’s Honour Roll and Chancellor’s Scholar recognition. On campus, Brother Borgen in involved with the UBC Marketing Society, and the UBC Scandinavian & Nordic Cultural Association, competed in the Pacific Venture Capital Conference & Competition, while also volunteering at the First Baptist Church soup kitchen. In the chapter, Brother Borgen organized a talk for their active members & Phikeia about resume writing and job interview preparation. The Foundation was pleased to recognize him with a $750 scholarship.

John Abed – Western

Brother Abed has maintained a high standard of academic success while pursuing degrees in Computer Science & Business Administration, earning himself a place on the Dean’s List. As a founding father of the new Ontario Beta Chapter, Brother Abed has been very involved in chapter operations and events and through the chapter, has participated in several community causes such as: Relay for Life, Movember and the 30-hour famine. Beyond the Fraternity, Brother Abed is also involved with the Caribbean Students Organization and works part time on campus. Brother Abed hopes to transition into the Ivey School of Business following his third year of study. The Foundation was pleased to recognize him with a $750 scholarship.

Stephen DiCristoforo – York

Brother DiCristoforo has completed his third year of a Mathematics degree in Education and has split his time in classes and working at a local grade school with a mathematics teacher. Brother DiCristoforo tutors students at that local grade school and students at university as well. Aside from his tutoring, Brother DiCristoforo also volunteers at Pathways to Education, Bishop Allen Academy and the Cameron Sports Academy. Through the Fraternity, Brother DiCristoforo has also volunteered with the ALS Society of Canada and the North York Harvest Food Bank and he is also a member of the ALS society that the chapter has created on campus to raise funds and awareness for ALS. The Foundation was pleased to recognize him with a $750 scholarship.

Andrew Norrie – Western

Brother Norrie completed his second year of a Political Science degree and achieved Honour Roll standing with the university and holder of the Jenifer Samways Scholarship for outstanding community service and honours grades. Besides being a founding father and heavily involved with the chapter’s community service program and events, Brother Norrie also hands out Tim Horton’s gift cards to those in need at the London Men’s Shelter. In school, Brother Norrie is a member of the varsity rowing team and has won three gold medals. Brother Norrie also works two part time jobs during the school year. The Foundation was pleased to recognize him with a $500 scholarship.

Stuart Mills – Dalhousie

Brother Mills completed his second year of an engineering degree and has received the Rutherford Scholarship from Alberta for his academic success. As the scholarship chair in the chapter, Brother Mills is responsible for assisting other members to achieve academic success and has initiated a program that encourages brothers to offer their tutoring services on campus and donate the money to ALS. On campus, Brother Mills is a member of the Dalhousie Student Union Student Life committee and a member of ASHRAE, a student organization that teaches students about building energy consumption. The Foundation was pleased to recognize him with a $750 scholarship.

The 2015 awards make the Foundation’s cumulative scholarship award totals – since the Foundation’s inception in 1974 – as follows:

Chapter                          # of Awards   $ Total
Nova Scotia Alpha            35                       $ 48,350
British Columbia Alpha   31                       $ 34,215
Ontario Alpha                    31                       $ 31,965
Alberta Alpha                    30                       $ 32,320
Manitoba Alpha                22                       $ 22,425
Quebec Alpha                    19                        $ 19,495
Ontario Beta                      20                       $ 23,925
Ontario Gamma                15                        $ 18,725
Ontario Delta                     14                        $ 14,325
Ontario Epsilon                  5                         $ 3,790
British Columbia Beta       1                         $ 1,000
Ontario Zeta                        1                          $ 275

Total:                               224                   $250,810

For more information on the Canadian Foundation visit:

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