Nebraska '73

Jim Clifton

Chmn./CEO, The Gallup Corp.

Brother Jim Clifton has been the CEO of Gallup, a corporation dedicated to organizational consulting and public research, since 1988. Since becoming CEO, the corporation has seen a fifteenfold increase in billing volume and an international growth into 30 countries and regions.

Clifton’s most recent project, the Gallup World Poll, has redefined how public opinion research is done on an international scale. The poll works as a social and economic analysis to gather and analyze global attitudes and behaviors. Significant organizations that have sought out The Gallup World Poll include the World Bank, the United Arab Emirates, and Healthways.

The findings from The Gallup World Poll were also the inspiration for Clifton’s book, The Coming Jobs War. The book, published this past October, argues that the best leaders in the future will be the ones who have the ability to create jobs. The arguments in his book are supported by the studies and research that Gallup has done in recent years as well as Clifton’s own experience.

Another creation from Clifton was The Gallup Path, which is used by Gallup for organizational consulting. The model outlines the linkages between individual contributions and is focused on how to increase value as an organization. The model has been implemented in over 500 companies worldwide.

He has received honorary degrees from Jackson State, Medgar Evers, and Bellevue Universities. Clifton and his wife, Susan, live in Washington, D.C. They have three children, Nicole, Jonathan, and Jackie.