Stanford ' 64

Kenneth “Hap” Klopp

Co-Founder, The North Face

Kenneth “Hap” Klopp co‐founded The North Face, turning it into a global apparel business and a leading business in Corporate Social Responsibility.  

He also became the executive chairman of Cocona, a nanoparticle company that makes fibers, fabrics, and laminates for active apparel companies, and Obscura Digital, a digital communications business. He describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, and has done teaching and writing on leadership, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility — including teaching as part of Ignite’s Certificate.

A graduate of Stanford Graduate School of Business, his passion is mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. “It’s very inspiring to be around young people,” he says. “Older people don’t have the optimistic curiosity of younger people. I get enthused by the can‐do attitude.”