Purdue '64

Mike Mathis

Former NBA Referee

A 1964 graduate of Purdue University and a member of the Indiana Theta Chapter, Mike Mathis became an NBA referee after serving in the Vietnam War and as an engineer for Proctor and Gamble.  During his 26-year career, Mathis presided over 2,340 games, saw the final days of Julius Erving, watched Larry Bird and Magic Johnson transform the NBA and witnessed the debut, rise, and retirements of Michael Jordan.  He also officiated 12 NBA Finals and three All-Star Games.

Since retiring in 2001, Mathis and his family have shifted their focus from basketball to foster children.  A foster child and parent himself, Mathis and his wife Sheri have a long history of supporting children and most recently have concentrated on providing scholarships and mentors to foster children.  Through his actions Brother Mathis has embodied the values of Phi Delta Theta throughout his career in basketball and beyond through his dedication to those in need of a helping hand.