Dec 4, 2018

Long-Time Kansas Gamma (Kansas State) CAB Chairman Bids Farewell With Heartfelt Letter To Chapter

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Long-Time Kansas Gamma (Kansas State) CAB Chairman Bids Farewell With Heartfelt Letter To Chapter

The following is an excerpt written by outgoing CAB Chairman Brandon Bogue from a recent Kansas Gamma (Kansas State) newsletter

“I had no idea when taking on the role in 2005, how long I would serve; only that I wanted to get give back; and the opportunity to do so at my grandfather’s chapter was very special to me. I’ve been fortunate enough, even in years with heavy air travel, to have the autonomy to schedule around getting out to Manhattan, Kansas every other Wednesday night or so to work with the chapter and officers.

The best organizations continue to innovate and evolve. They ride the wave, and when it crests, they start to build a new wave. It’s no different with fraternities, or careers in the corporate world. With change comes opportunity and having recently accepted a promotion that involves a relocation, it’s with bittersweet emotions that I have to announce that I will be stepping down as Chapter Advisor. Despite the necessary self-disruption in the name of progress and career evolution, knowing what it would mean for my ability to work with the chapter made it that much tougher a decision in a way that’s difficult to describe. At some point, it becomes more than just ‘giving back,’ it becomes part of who you are. Fortunately, Kansas Gamma has a resurgent alumni base, and I’ve been able to tap into the last 12 years of graduates to augment the Chapter Advisory Board. I’m hopeful to pass the torch to a guy well known and liked by many of you (looking at you James Barrick).

Since 2005, I’ve averaged 8 trips/semester, 120 miles one-way, door to door from Olathe. 16 or more trips a year and 3,900 miles/year; roughly 46,000 miles. 24 Exec Board Retreats either in Manhattan or somewhere in Kansas City helping develop and set officer, exec, and chapter goals. It hasn’t been all business, there have been plenty of retreats followed by brotherhood and 15 undergraduates crashing at my house after BBQ, and many great times. I’ve had the opportunity to initiate close to 300 Phis at Kansas Gamma, mentor and develop 12 chapter presidents, and many of the officers and members over the years. As advisor, you want to get to know everyone and impact them positively on a personal level as they grow and develop in life & college, but with limited time on-site, you only hope that you can find a way to reach some of the guys with the time that you have.

Over the years I’ve dealt with every major issue imaginable but will always remember the positives – the leadership conferences and Exec Board retreats, Friday Night Phis, winning the Phoenix Award at the ’06 Convention in Kansas City, stopping by tailgates, and watching the guys serenade sororities or proudly execute Homecoming performances. Over the years I’ve written dozens of letters of recommendation, reviewed countless resumes for my guys; and watched with pride as they’ve gone on to have success in life after college.

Working as an advisor, the work is never done. Phi Delta Theta thrives because of our enduring value system built on Morrison’s Philosophy, the Phikeia Oath, and our three Cardinal Principles. I’ve said it many times — the only thing stopping Kansas Gamma, is Kansas Gamma. Today, the sky is the limit and the future is bright.

In the end, what’s in a legacy? It’s not miles driven or awards won. It’s always been about the people I’ve been able to positively impact and leaving the chapter better than I found it. So, to all the alumni, but especially to “my guys,” those undergraduate members from 2005-today; I hope my legacy is the relationships and friendships built. Serving as advisor has been an honor and a privilege that I will always cherish. You know you can count on me, and I’ll always be an email, text, phone call, or tweet away.

Semper Fi, and Yours in the Bond,

Brandon G. Bogue

Chapter Advisory Board Chairman 2005 – 2017

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