Jul 8, 2020

More Than 300 Honor Bob Biggs’ Retirement

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More Than 300 Honor Bob Biggs’ Retirement

On May 13, 2020 I sent a letter and email to the members of Phi Delta Theta asking them to honor our long time CEO with a gift to the 2020 Phi Delt Fund. I am pleased to note that over 350 Brothers in the Bond of Phi Delta Theta responded. The following proclamation was gifted to Bob Biggs along with your notes and well wishes. Thank you for your outpouring of support.

You can still make a gift to the 2020 Phi Delt Fund in honor of Bob at

WHEREAS, Robert A. Biggs was initiated into the Bond of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity on October 15, 1974, and received Bond Number 91 from the Georgia Epsilon Chapter located at Georgia Southern University, and in 1976 joined the General Headquarters staff in Oxford, Ohio 44 years ago; and

WHEREAS, during his career, Brother Biggs has exemplified the Fraternity’s cardinal principles of friendship, sound learning and rectitude; and

WHEREAS, Bob’s leadership within Phi Delta Theta and the Greek world, as well as his commitment to his community of Oxford, Ohio, have contributed greatly to the stature of Phi Delta Theta; and

WHEREAS, no one possesses a greater spirit of service and sacrifice for Phi Delta Theta than Bob; and

WHEREAS, with courage, conviction, character, and great devotion to his values, Bob has generously “scattered” himself across this brotherhood, and Phi Delta Theta is on rock solid ground because of it; and

WHEREAS, his wisdom already resonates through successors he’s positioned well to keep Phi Delta Theta on good course toward Phi Delt 2030, the strategic initiative that even a crisis of pandemic proportions cannot derail;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the General Council, Phi Delta Theta Foundation Trustees, and General Headquarters Staff, extend to Brother Robert A. Biggs, on the occasion of his retirement as Executive Vice President & CEO of Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity and President of the Phi Delta Theta Foundation, the gratitude and affectionate good wishes of all Phi Delta Theta brothers everywhere and at all times.

Stephen J. “Tio” Kleberg
Texas Tech ’69

In Bob’s honor the following individuals (listed in alphabetical order) gave to the 2020 Phi Delt Fund to help cement and perpetuate his legacy:

Pierce Abernethy
J. David Almacy
Hugh Davis Atkinson
Dr. George F. Atwell
Daniel B. Auker
Steven Cooper Babiak
Thomas R. Bain
Stephen R. Baldwin
Thomas A. Balzer
Jon R. Barbee
Joseph L. Barry
William R. Bartlett II
Thomas S. Bass
James O. Bates
John E. Bauknight III
Joe D. Beavers
C. W. Bechman
Bruce E. Beebe
Captain Philip C. Beekley
John O. Bennett, III
Lovett Bennett Jr.
Larry L. Bennison
Mark J. Beranek
Dylan Michael Berg
Michael P. Bizzle
Jesse C. Blackwell
COL (Ret.) Stephen M. Bloomer
Louis F. Body
Allen N. Bolte
Jonathan Brant
Jay and Linda Brattain
Richard H. Brennan
Jonathan D. Bressler
Harlan W. Broberg
Norman D. Brock Atty
James V. Bronson Jr.
Kingsley M. Brown III
M. Keith Brown
Robert C. Brussel
W. Wheeler Bryan
Coy F. Bryant
Jerome Bryant
David A. Budai
Julie C. Burkhard
Mark L. Bye
Russell Allen Carman
Lance H. Cary
Sydney O. Chase III
Jason A. Clary
Bruce C. Clayton
Mrs. Melanie Clayton
Eddie G. Clement
J H Clement , III
W. Andrew Cole
David F. Cooke
G. Ted Cormier Jr.
Kevin R. Cornelius
William Brian Cosgarea
Arnold R. Cross
David A. Cruickshank
Stanley M. Cuppy
Christopher Cusack
Mark A. Dagitz
John and Mary Lou Dasburg
Wayne E. Davis
Dr. Robert B. Deloian
Frederick C. DeMetz
Kelly S. Derickson
Gerry A. Dick
Arthur W. Dickson
Jeffrey A. Dillon
Roy G. Dinsdale
F. Page Dobson
The Right Rev. Herbert A. Donovan Jr.
Jon K. Draayer
William L. Dunham
Brian and Kathleen Dunn
Hugh N. Durham
Mrs. Myra Duritsch
Thomas C. Eakin
James T. Eason
Gene M. Eckel
William I. Eckhart Jr.
Jeffery W. Ehringer
Donald G. Elliott
John W. Engle III
John E. Erffmeyer
Norman D. Estep
T. W. Estes, Jr.
Harry C. Evans
Walter P. Evans
Dr. Russell D. Evett
James W. Eyler
Richard E. Fabritius
Anthony R. Falbo
Frank J. Farrell
Joseph S. R. Fattore
Dan and Joanne Fields
Roy D. Findlay
Paul F. Fischer
Dr. Kent L. Floerke
Robert E. Flynn
J. Charles Ford
Mrs. Ann K. Foust
Christopher S. Fragakis
Ryan T. Frenz
J. T. Frey D.D.S
Father John F. Friedel
Lazaro Garcia
Robert C. Garver
Stanley W. Gilson
David W. Gitch
Boyd E. Givan
Gerard L. Glenn
R. Lee Glenn
Joseph M. Gliemmo Jr.
Alan H. Glover
Steven J. Good
Charles A. Gorsuch
Marsha Grady
Emmette V. Graham Jr.
William M. Graves Jr.
W.L. Gray, Jr.
Philip A. Griffith
Lafayette P. Grose
Dr. A. William Gustafson
Christopher C. Hackman
Curt O. Hall Jr.
Russ Handley
Joshua D. Hanley
R. Andrew Harper
Thomas Harper III
Robert M. Harris Jr.
Edward A. Hartzog
Neil C. Haugland
Keith R. Hays
Roderick R. Hays Jr.
Robert J. Hicks
Robert and Norma Hoaglund
Greg Hollen
Thomas L. Holling
Allen E. Homan
Dennis D. Hopper
Stuart E. Huston
Tedd C. Huston
Michael S. Hyatt
John R. Ireland, Sr.
Evan L. Jansen
John R. Jatczak
Christopher M. Job
E. Ronald Johnson
Trevor L. Johnson
William A. Johnson
William L. Johnson Jr.
Joseph V. Johnston
Christopher A. Jones
David A. Jones
Michael H. Jones
Joe L. Kehoe Jr.
Richard W. Kelley
Ted Kemner
Scott M. Kennedy
Robert J. Ketler
Landon G. Killion
Daniel W. Kinsel III
John L. Kiser, M.D.
Stephen J. Kleberg
Brett Anthony Klein
Keith D. Kleine
Philip L. Kleinschmidt
Col. Robert J. Kmiecik
Mark T. LaCourse
Jefferson D. Lamoree
H. Hunter Lankford
Gregory P. Lauman
Glendan J. Lawler
Dr. Gene C. Lawrence
John E. Leahy
Tucker D. Lee
Onis L. Lemon
George Leuca III
James M. Leverenz
Hugh L. Lewis
Fred L. Leydorf
Jere L’Heureux
John S. Lidstrom
Kevin M. Liebson
Jay D. Longnecker
Scott R. Lynch
Judge John J. Maddux Jr.
Anthony Magistro
Kenneth G. Maikowski
Penn E. Mallonn
Booth M. Malone
Eugene R. Manfredi
Dr. William M. Manger
Peter J. Manous
Malcolm L. Marsh
Ray L. Martin
Wells Martin, Jr.
Harold E. Massie
Marlin R. Mattson
Clarence W. May Jr.
Kendall W. McCarter
James A. McElroy Jr.
Daniel S. McHenry
Larry W. McMahan
Matthew McMillan
Carl B. Melby
Stephen T. Merchant
Robert E. Michie Jr.
David P. Miller
John B. Miller
Douglas J. Milne
Donald L. Miner
William R. Mitchell
Jerry A. Moore
Marc S. Mores
Jean A. Mori
Jacob G. Moroshek MBA, MS
Br. Thomas C. Morrison
Jesse R. Moyer
J. Brian Mullen
Donald J. Nath
John D. Newhouse
Evan Kent Newman
Matthew J. Nicholson
Todd M. Nisbet
Raymond R. Noble II
Guy W. Norris
Guy William Norris
Joseph S. Ogden
John C. Oliver
Dight L. Olliff
Kevin and Patty O’Neill
Richard T. Orr
Robert J. Ostrom
Bruce and Nonnie Owens
Roger A. Pae
Michael J. Papp
Curtis D. Parvin
Robert S. Pasquinucci
Earl J. Patterson
Jonathan R. Pavey
Alec J. Pegler
Shelby C. Phillips III
Dr. Mark E. Pleiss
Dr. Alan L. Plummer MD
Edwin T. Pogue
Jack D. Pool
Lt. Colonel T. Irby Pope III, USA (Ret.)
Kevin A. Pouch
Arthur J. Prange Jr., M.D.
Troy L. Puckett Jr.
Norman H. Racine
Brooks T. Raiford
Rodney K. Raines
Colonel Maurice H. Ralston
Marc R. Ramsdale
Louis M. Rawls III
Roger T. Read
Dr. Thomas J. Reardon
Craig S. Reid
Frederick D. Reimer
A. Wayne Rich
William R. Richardson
Brig. General Hallie E. Robertson
Louis L. Roper
Nicholas J. Ryan
Douglas A. Samuels
L. Moye Sanders
Jon R. Sandidge
Christopher T. Sanford
Francis F. Schefer
Brig General Donald F. Schenk
Scott S. Schieman
Don M. Schlueter
Theodore G. Schmidt Jr.
John A. Schoedinger
Robert B. Schuemann
Dr. John R. Scott
Robert E. Scott Jr.
Richard L. Seavey
David A. Semler
Robert Timothy Shadoin
Bradley R. Shafer
Timothy E. Shea
Robert J. Shelley III
Yandell F. Shipley
Thomas E. Shoemaker
Gary H. Shores
William A. Sluhan
Dave and Deb Smith
Walter Kip Smith
Michael W. Stater
Timothy S. Steinbeck
Morris D. Stephens II
William E. Stitt
Charles A. Stoll
Br. Charles A. Struve
James Stuart III
Clarence R. Sullivan, Jr.
Stephen W. Sutherlin
Robert G. Syring
Thomas B. Taylor
David V. Thomas
Don A. Thompson
Stephen G. Thompson
J. Haskell Tidman Jr.
Andrew J. Towner
Gregory C. Tylka
Donald C. Ullum
Robert A. Unzen
Charles B. Upshaw III
Lothar A. Vasholz
George F. Vaughan
Richard A. Vinroot
William J. Vitetta
Ms. Laura Voisin George
Harold J. Von Weller III
Judge Gary R. Wade
Sean S. Wagner
Thomas A. Walthall, IV
Russell S. Waters
Sidney B. Watts
Simon H. Waugaman, Jr.
Richard D. Wenger
Dr. Edward G. Whipple PhD
William D. Whitlow
Dr. Daniel S. Wientzen
Todd C. Wilcox
Jacob L. Will Jr.
Allan R. Williams
Clinton T. Willour
Dennis A. Wilson Jr.
Douglas M. Wilson
William M. Wittress III
Teddy G. Wood
Johnny D. Wylie
Keith A. Wysocki
David K. Yancey
M. Cheak Yee
Robert L. Zier

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