Dec 5, 2011

My Iron Phi Experience – $8,000 Raised & 100 Holes of Golf in One Day

Phi Delta Theta Foundation Philanthropy/Service/ALS
My Iron Phi Experience – $8,000 Raised & 100 Holes of Golf in One Day

This week our blog series will feature a variety of Phi Delta Theta Foundation Donors, highlighting various categories and opportunities Phi Delta Theta has for members and alumni to give back.

Today, an Iron Phi will share his story. The Iron Phi program was developed to strengthen the Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity and the impact on the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease through fundraising and athletic efforts. Those members who chose to participate must accomplish an athletic endeavor of their choice (i.e. triathlons, cycling events, golf) and raise $1,000 through the Iron Phi website.

Tyler Kreutzer of Tennessee Zeta (Belmont) shares his experience of becoming an Iron Phi. This summer, Tyler raised more than $8,000 and completed 100 holes of golf in one day.

“I became aware of the Iron Phi program when I became a member of the Tennessee Zeta Chapter two years ago and read about some of the accomplishments of other Phi Delts.”

“My own personal journey began when our family physician and dear friend, Dr. Richard Borman, was diagnosed with ALS.  The news was devastating to my family.   Having been a competitive golfer in high school with a continued enjoyment of the sport, I chose to incorporate golf into my quest to become an Iron Phi.  I chose to play 100 holes of golf in a day, and my goal was to raise a minimum of $5,000 for ALS and the Phi Delta Theta Foundation.”

“I was overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and family and had over seventy donors.  One donor even gave $1,000!  The donations were not only a testimonial to Dr. Borman, but also a testament to my passion and commitment to raise money for two very worthy causes.   I also believe that my high level of success (I raised over $8,000) can be partially attributed to putting a face to the event.”

“I started my golf marathon at dawn and spent the next ten hours on the golf course, through heat, rain and wind.  I had four friends with me for the entire day including Dr. Borman.  They kept me motivated with encouragement and advice, searched for stray balls and made food and water runs.  The emotional highlight of the day was when Dr. Borman and I played the 100th hole together.”

“How do I feel now?  I feel that no one can take this away from me.  My hands, feet and back were sore.  I was hot from the sun and wet from the rain, but I would not trade a second of that day for anything.”

“To future potential Iron Phis, I would say….go for it. It was a truly amazing experience and will continue to be one of the proudest moments of my life.”

To learn more or become an Iron Phi, visit for more information and to register.

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