Apr 3, 2009

My Top 5 Favorite Things About Being A Phi

GHQ Staff Blogger
My Top 5 Favorite Things About Being A Phi

I am a list guy. You’ll find them in my emails, my written correspondence, my notes, my calendar, and even in wedding speeches I’ve given. So as I was thinking about a post for the Phi Delt blog, I couldn’t help but revert back to the technique that David Letterman has made famous, “The Top 10 List”, but in this case condensed with a Phi Delt twist.

My top 5 favorite things about being a Phi:

5.  Oxford, Ohio – Despite getting stuck behind slow-moving school buses on the daily commute from Cincinnati, Oxford is a majestic place and a Phi Delt haven. Many factors contribute to the beauty of Oxford and Miami University including its architecture, its Greek history, the bustling Uptown area, its youthfulness, and the many Phi Delt historical markers. It is truly a college town and a place all Phis should visit at least once in their lifetime.

4.  Mixing Work with Passion – There aren’t many days when I wake up thinking “Man, do I have really have to go to work today?” I am fortunate to be able to work towards sustaining and improving an organization that does so much for so many people. Now there are those frustrating times when the guy sitting next to me on a plane asks if my title is “Professional Frat Boy” or how I can get my work done being drunk all day, but it’s all made better when that guy de-boards the plane wishing he would have had the Fraternity experience and admiring the passion that comes along with my profession.

3.  The History – Talk about being a part of something bigger than yourself! We, as Phis, are very lucky to have such a rich history, and we have the notable brothers and organizational accomplishments to prove it. Our history makes us humble in our everyday interactions and encourages us to live up to the expectations set by those who have come before us.

2.  The Leadership Mentality – There is a reputation that comes along with being a Phi, and it’s one of leadership. The Fraternity’s positions on different issues throughout its history have been met with both praise and criticism. No matter the case, there is a common denominator that can be found behind every decision – the willingness of the Fraternity’s leadership to make decisions that are aligned with the organization’s values. As a result of this, we are all able to reap the benefits of being a part of an innovative, well-respected, and stable organization that is proactive rather than reactive.

1.  The Relationships – By far, I think we can all say that the best part about being a Phi is the relationships that are built with brothers. For me, the Phi Delt relationships started at Iowa State University and have been compounded throughout my time working for the General Fraternity. These relationships have formed a family structure and have influenced my life in many ways. They say that you are a lucky person if you have 5 close friends upon your death. I can say with confidence that we Phis have much better odds of accomplishing this well-known statement.

So there they are, my top five favorite things about being a Phi. Now it’s your turn to share your list by leaving a comment on this post.

After spending time as a Leadership Consultant and the Director of Expansion, Steve is now the Director of Education & Technology at GHQ. He spent his undergraduate days at Iowa State University and is currently working to obtain his MBA at Xavier University.

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