Jul 9, 2024

Phi Delta Theta Celebrates Thirty Undergraduate of the Year Award Recipients

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Phi Delta Theta Celebrates Thirty Undergraduate of the Year Award Recipients

Every year, Phi Delta Theta witnesses undergraduate brothers who go above and beyond their duties as members. To recognize and celebrate their involvement, each chapter nominates members who best exemplify the Fraternity’s Cardinal Principles.

To our winners, your chapter nominated you because they saw your dedication to leading, improving, and serving your chapter, campus, and community. This award is a testament to your hard work and commitment to becoming the greatest version of yourself! Congratulations.

Outstanding Freshman of the Year

Nicholas Cavalli, South Carolina ’27

As a freshman nursing major with a 3.8 GPA in the South Carolina Honors College, Nick participates in the prestigious Smart Start Nursing Program, gaining valuable experience and mentorship. Since his initiation in fall 2023, he has shown outstanding leadership as the philanthropy and community service chairman, enhancing inter-Greek relations and organizing events like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. His notable achievements include raising funds for Pete Serrone, a local police hero diagnosed with ALS, through South Carolina Beta’s philanthropy week. Re-elected for fall 2024, Nick aims to make South Carolina Beta the highest-grossing Iron Phi Chapter nationally and continue his philanthropic efforts for ALS families.

Quinn Elfers, Ohio ’27

Quinn Elfers was chosen for the Undergrad of the Year Award due to his dedication and ability to foster a positive culture within the Fraternity. As brotherhood chairman, Quinn organized successful events like a basketball game, an arcade trip, and a movie night, significantly boosting chapter morale and strengthening bonds among members. Despite limited resources, his efforts have made a lasting impact on the morale of the chapter.

Blaine Klott, Westminster ’27

As a freshman, Blaine distinguished himself with his strong moral character and eagerness to connect with every member. Taking on the roles of alumni chairman and parents chairman, he excelled in enhancing communication with parents and alumni. He revived the chapter’s parent club, and encouraged them to raise funds for the chapter. Additionally, he successfully organized alumni fundraising for ALS, raising over $2,500 before alumni even arrived on campus. His potential for greater roles and responsibilities will continue to strengthen the brotherhood and recruitment in the years to come.

Logan Nate, Oklahoma State ’27

Throughout the past year, Logan has built strong bonds with fellow members, striving together for excellence. Logan improved his discipline and motivation, achieving a 3.83 GPA in chemical engineering while actively serving on five committees as the youngest member of the chapter. His consistent involvement to positively impact others proves his commitment to our Cardinal Principles. Logan embodies the lesson that anything worth doing is worth doing well, making him a deserving recipient of this award.

Jay Patel, Mercer ’27

As philanthropy chairman, he successfully raised over $5,000 for the Live Like Lou Foundation, demonstrating his organizational skills and passion for fighting ALS. Additionally, Jay raised $100 towards his own Iron Phi account, showing personal commitment to philanthropy. His active participation in community service, from volunteering at animal shelters to packing lunches for food-insecure children, reflects his genuine desire to create positive change. Academically, Jay achieved a 4.0 GPA and is involved in several campus organizations, including MU Miracle and SNMA-MAPS. His work ethic and commitment to both personal growth and community service make him a deserving recipient.

Ben Scholtes, Butler ’27

As a Phikeia, Ben was highly involved, attending numerous events and building strong relationships with his brothers. He achieved a perfect score on the Phikeia exam and earned outstanding support when running for the executive board. Academically, Ben has maintained a 4.0 GPA at Butler University while participating in various campus organizations, including club volleyball, club pickleball, and the Butler Catholic Community. His strong moral character is evident through his willingness to assist those in need and his proactive involvement in the chapter’s risk team and philanthropy events. Ben’s dedication and problem-solving skills led to his election as secretary for the upcoming academic year, and the chapter eagerly anticipates his continued contributions and personal growth.

J.D. Webb, Texas A&M ’27

J.D. was elected as his member class president, where he held his peers accountable and encouraged them to learn the Fraternity’s principles. His commitment was further recognized when he was elected chapter secretary, where he keeps the chapter organized and updated on events. J.D. is always available to assist his brothers and actively participates in executive discussions, contributing to the chapter’s growth and success. His efforts to foster study groups and his willingness to engage in extracurricular activities exemplify his dedication to both personal and Fraternity goals.

Hudson Westbrook, Texas Tech ’27

As a Phikeia, Hudson excelled as the social chairman and held executive committee roles, fostering a friendly atmosphere. He actively participates in student government, and will serve as a Rawls College of Business Student Senator next year. Hudson is an emerging country music artist, and shares his talent to benefit the community. His dedication to uplifting others, commitment to service, and leadership make him an inspiration to his peers. Hudson’s legacy of positive influence and meaningful contributions will continue to impact Texas Tech University for years to come.

Outstanding Sophomore of the Year

Luke Andritsch, Butler ’26

Throughout his time at Butler, Luke has demonstrated dedication and initiative as the chapter’s philanthropy chairman, orchestrating efforts that raised an impressive $88,000 for various charitable causes. Luke’s leadership extends beyond philanthropy; he has been instrumental in enhancing organizational efficiency and accountability within the chapter. Luke holds a 3.68 GPA while actively participating in numerous extracurricular activities, including serving as a student orientation guide and holding leadership positions in organizations like Butler University dance marathon and club table tennis. Luke’s infectious enthusiasm, inclusive leadership style, and impactful contributions both within Phi Delta Theta and Butler University.

Dylan Burke, Ohio ’26

Known for his positivity, Dylan has been a leader from his early days as a Phikeia to his current role as vice president. Dylan has proven himself as a capable and supportive leader, guiding the chapter through challenging times with town hall meetings that encourage communication and inclusivity. His dedication extends beyond Fraternity responsibilities; Dylan recently achieved Iron Phi status, demonstrating his determination through athletic challenges and fundraising efforts that inspire others within the chapter. Dylan’s commitment, positive influence, and spirit make him a deserving recipient of this honor, reflecting his significant impact on Ohio Gamma.

Jake Elorduy, Puget Sound ’26

With an impressive 3.92 GPA last semester, Jake exemplifies academic excellence and dedication to his studies. On the football field, he distinguishes himself as a standout wide receiver, demonstrating resilience, determination, and sportsmanship in every game. As Phi Delta Theta’s recruitment chairman, Jake orchestrated the recruitment of the largest new member class in a decade, surpassing all other Greek organizations combined in recruitment success. Jake has since been elected president, and his abilities are furthered by his involvement in leadership conferences and retreats, highlighting his proactive approach to personal and organizational development. Recognized as Fraternity Man of the Year at the University of Puget Sound, Jake’s impact and positive presence within Phi Delta Theta and the university community make him a deserving recipient of this award, embodying excellence across academic, athletic, and leadership.

Nathan Lillard, Southeast Missouri ’26

Since his initiation in spring 2023, Nathan has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities, serving as his Phikeia class president and later, chaplain and vice president within the chapter. During his time as house manager, the chapter saw remarkable improvements to the house, transforming it into a welcoming environment for members. Nathan’s dedication extended beyond Phi Delta Theta as he assumed the role of vice president of diversity, equity, and inclusion on the SEMO Interfraternity Council, where he established impactful initiatives and fostered dialogue on important issues within the Greek community. Recognized as Sophomore of the Year in 2024 for his leadership and role-modeling across campus, Nathan’s commitment to personal growth and community betterment exemplifies the values of Phi Delta Theta and makes him a deserving recipient of this award.

Joe Sherman, Pittsburgh ’26

Serving as secretary, Joe has demonstrated leadership and plans to further his impact by running for president or vice president in the upcoming term. Beyond his fraternity involvement, Joe dedicates his weekend mornings to working at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Joe is pursuing a triple major in finance, business analytics, and supply chain management, and excels academically. Joe actively participates in the university’s Sales Academy, gaining valuable experience and contributing to his personal growth. Joe’s proactive approach to learning and networking led him to connect with his current manager, which led to a position at Brite Labs, a tech startup affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University.

Christopher McDonald, Santa Clara ’26

Since his initiation, Chris has demonstrated a great work ethic and commitment to the chapter’s success. Starting as the public relations chairman, he eventually took on the position of philanthropy chairman, where he played a crucial role in planning our philanthropy events. His proactive leadership and organizational skills have significantly enhanced the chapter’s efficiency and effectiveness. Beyond his official duties, Chris has actively engaged in all aspects of fraternity life, inspiring others with his passion and dedication. His impact is felt across the chapter, motivating his peers to strive for excellence.

Wilson Thrift, Auburn ’26

As the chapter’s treasurer and a member of the executive committee, Wilson has demonstrated financial stewardship, achieving over 98 percent collections for the spring semester and significantly improving the chapter’s budgeting process. His dedication to organizational efficiency and financial responsibility has set a new standard within the chapter. Wilson’s involvement in Auburn’s Financial Management Association and service on the Interfraternity Council’s cabinet further highlight his commitment to academic excellence and campus leadership. Known for his reliability and willingness to help others, Wilson actively participates in campus ministry. Wilson is well-rounded and makes a positive impact to Phi Delta Theta and Auburn University.

Asher Martin, Cincinnati ’26

As Ohio Theta’s president, Asher has invested in creating the foundation of the chapter. Asher’s strategic vision and planning extended beyond administrative tasks; he fostered a culture of inclusivity and accountability, establishing essential committees and drafting foundational bylaws. Asher’s commitment to philanthropy, exemplified by his role in boosting chapter funds through innovative events, further highlights his leadership and community engagement.

Outstanding Junior of the Year

Ryan Bennett, Michigan State ’25

Ryan Bennett has beeen an exceptional leader as president of the Michigan Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta. Throughout his time, Ryan has been detailed in ensuring the chapter’s adherence to organizational standards and traditions while fostering a culture of excellence and inclusivity. Ryan’s commitment extends beyond administrative duties; he actively engages with members through regular chapter meetings, ensuring transparent communication and collective decision-making. His strategic delegation within the executive board has streamlined operations, fostering efficiency and swift progress in various initiatives, including housing arrangements and memorial gestures such as planting a tree in honor of Brian Fraser, the chapter’s previous president who tragically passed. Ryan’s unwavering dedication to advancing Michigan Beta’s legacy and future success exemplifies his leadership and makes him a standout candidate.

Shay Davidson, Pittsburgh ’25

As chapter secretary during his junior year, Shay has demonstrated exceptional organizational skills and a steadfast commitment to the Fraternity’s values. Academically, Shay has consistently excelled, earning a place on Pittsburgh’s business dean’s list every semester. His pursuit of professional development includes an internship at AquaPhoenix Scientific, reflecting his ambition to excel in finance and accounting. Beyond academics and professional endeavors, Shay’s passion for serving others is evident through his volunteer work as a Behavioral Health Technician at TrueNorth Wellness Services, where he supports individuals with autism, a cause close to his heart. Recently, Shay has embraced a new challenge by enrolling in the United States Marine Corps, showcasing his commitment to personal growth and service to his country.

John Dickerson, Texas A&M ’25

John’s impact within the chapter is profound, having served across numerous committees since his initiation as a Phikeia. Starting as secretary and earning the trust of his new member class brothers, John has consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication to Phi Delta Theta. As noted by his former Phikeia educator, John’s leadership shines through in roles such as chaplain, fostering a supportive environment through weekly gatherings for Bible study and meaningful conversations. His commitment extends to various committees including recruitment, social, philanthropy, treasury, and alumni, showcasing his versatility and drive. John’s encouragement uplifts his peers, inspiring them to excel. His natural leadership qualities and genuine care for the Fraternity make him a cornerstone of Texas Nu.

Nicholas Parmi, Seton Hall ’25

As philanthropy chairman, Nicholas spearheaded efforts that raised over $9,000 for ALS research and the Live Like Lou Foundation, positioning their chapter among the top nationally. As vice president, Nicholas has continued to enhance scholarship and foster better communication among members, while also founding and leading Seton Hall’s chess club and serving as a resident assistant. Beyond Phi Delta Theta, Nicholas founded and presides over Seton Hall’s chess club, fostering a thriving community of over eighty members and promoting strategic thinking through competitive tournaments. Additionally, Nicholas’s recent appointment in Seton Hall’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions highlights his broad impact on campus and his dedication to representing the university. His commitment to excellence in academics, community service, and campus leadership makes him highly deserving of this recognition.

Emilio Martinez, New Mexico ’25

Since joining in fall 2023, Emilio has displayed compassion and dedication to our organization and his brothers. Serving diligently as our chaplain, he has fostered a culture of camaraderie and support, regularly checking in with and making time for his fellow brothers. Emilio’s leadership extends to academic excellence as well, where he serves as our scholarship chairman, maintaining high standards and organizing study sessions to support members’ academic success. Emilio keeps members informed about scholarship opportunities, which further demonstrates his commitment to our member’s growth and development. Emilio’s presence is integral to our chapter’s success, making him a role model and leader.

Tommy Milton, Puget Sound ’25

Tommy Milton showcases exceptional qualities across academics, athletics, and leadership roles. As a standout tight end for the University of Puget Sound Loggers, Tommy’s recent recognition as All-NWC honorable mention underscores his dedication and skill on the field. Beyond sports, Tommy is recognized for his natural leadership abilities, evident in his role as a potential team captain and his impactful contributions to his chapter. Maintaining a commendable 3.67 GPA last quarter and actively engaging in campus leadership through roles like warden and attending the Kleberg Leadership Conference, Tommy embodies a well-rounded commitment to excellence. His influence extends beyond athletics and academics, making him a respected figure among his peers.

Albert Medel, Nebraska, Kearney, ’24

Since joining as a junior, Albert has embodied our core principles and significantly strengthened our chapter’s unity. His ability to inspire and connect with others has fostered a culture of excellence and camaraderie, enhancing our community’s engagement and impact across campus. Albert’s strategic vision and proactive efforts, including his role in recruitment and community service initiatives, have set a new standard for our Fraternity, demonstrating his profound influence and commitment to our shared values.

Eric Van Ness, Georgia Tech ’25

Throughout his time at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Eric has maintained a perfect GPA while double-majoring in mathematics and computer science. His impact extends beyond academics, with active roles in the school’s investments committee, undergraduate judiciary cabinet, and Interfraternity Council. Within the chapter, Eric has served as warden and treasurer, where he managed our finances and budget. His leadership extends to campus-wide positions such as director of portfolio investment decisions for the GTSF Investments Committee and executive vice president of Georgia Tech’s IFC Board, overseeing significant philanthropic responsibilities. Eric’s internships at esteemed investment firms like Goldman Sachs and Citadel Securities highlight his dedication and expertise in quantitative finance. His contributions to the chapter, campus community, and professional achievements exemplify his outstanding leadership and service.

Outstanding Senior of the Year

Gabriel Bowman, New Mexico ’24

Gabriel Bowman’s leadership and commitment were evident when he took the initiative to organize Greek Week, transforming it into one of the most successful events of the year. His mentorship has been instrumental in guiding the chapter to new heights, ensuring its continued success and setting a high standard of excellence. Gabriel’s dedication and influence have left a huge mark on the chapter, making him a role model to his peers.

Evan Hoffman, Pittsburgh ’24

Recently, Evan was honored with a $1,000 scholarship during an alumni gathering held in memory of our late brother, Silas Skiff. This award recognizes a brother who best embodies kindness, compassion, and love, qualities that Evan exemplifies. His heartfelt speech at the event left a lasting impression on both current members and alumni. Academically, Evan stands out with one of the highest GPAs in the chapter and has committed to furthering his studies at Villanova University’s Charles Widger School of Law. Pennsylvania Iota is immensely proud of Evan and looks forward to his continued success.

Luke Pramuka, Central Michigan ’24

Luke Pramuka has been an exemplary leader since joining in the fall of 2021. He has held multiple leadership roles, including vice president of administration for two years, justice equity diversity and inclusion (JEDI) chairman for two years, philanthropy and community service chairman, and Greek Week representative. His initiatives, such as weekly presentations on world events and social justice topics and organizing philanthropy weeks, have left a lasting positive impact. Additionally, Luke’s commitment to leadership extended to his service on the Interfraternity Council throughout 2023, further showcasing his dedication to the Greek community as a whole.

Zach Stone, Hanover ’24

Graduating in May 2024 with a degree in electrical engineering and a GPA of 3.85, Zach’s academic excellence is reflected in his consistent presence on the dean’s list and membership in the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. Zach was also a tutor at Hanover College Learning Center, while also interning with the Army Corps of Engineers. Zach is a dedicated leader, serving as team captain of the Hanover men’s lacrosse team and actively participating in Phi Delta Theta and Habitat for Humanity. His leadership and service were recognized by the Department of Defense with the prestigious SMART Scholarship, making him the first engineering student from Hanover College to receive this honor. Upon graduation, Zach will work as an electrical engineer at NSWC Crane and pursue a master’s degree in electrical engineering at Vanderbilt University.

Leo-Paul Wahl, Widener ’25

As the community service and alumni chairman in the fall, Leo-Paul revitalized our chapter’s Adopt-A-Highway clean-up involvement, served our ALS family, and reinstated Pennsylvania Mu as the homecoming chapter. Leo-Paul stepped up to lead the chapter as president while still maintaining his previous roles. His presidency saw the formation of a partnership with the track team, the hosting of our seventh annual alumni and family day, and the renewal of our chapter house in coordination with the school. Beyond the chapter, Leo-Paul’s impact was recognized by the university with the President’s Award, honoring his exceptional contributions to Widener’s campus through both academics and extracurricular involvement.

Jacob Wolf, UT Dallas ’24

As the brotherhood chair last spring, Jacob worked to foster camaraderie and growth among brothers through various events and the annual brotherhood retreat. Despite not holding an officer or executive position currently, Jacob remains a pillar of support, actively participating in numerous committees and consistently offering guidance to younger members. His encouragement and high standards have helped the chapter to grow to new heights, ensuring that every member is working on becoming the greatest version of themselves.

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