Feb 6, 2018

Post-Recruitment Vacation Is A Myth

Post-Recruitment Vacation Is A Myth

By Jim Rosencrans – Growth Coordinator

After weeks of preparation and planning, you just wrapped up recruitment week on campus. Some of you may have been successful and think your job is done. Others may be disappointed but too burnt out to keep going. The reality is; recruitment is never over. Recruitment Chairman vacation is a myth. The best recruiters and chapters are always looking for outlets to fill their pipeline and recruit during the off-season.

5 Recruitment Tactics To Execute Now That Recruitment Is Over: 

  • Distribute recruitment surveys – To evaluate your performance as recruitment chairman, ask your brothers, especially your new Phikeias. Send a simple post-recruitment survey to see how you performed. This will allow you to gather feedback and focus on what needs to be improved.
  • Rebuild your names-list – You just exhausted all your resources during recruitment, so your names-list should be empty. The first activity that should be done to begin rebuilding your names-list is a Mind Jogger activity with your new Phikeias. They are going to know the most people on campus that you don’t know … yet. You can also execute any of these 75 lead generators to rebuild your names-list.
  • Educate the Phikeias – Creating a baseline of recruitment knowledge throughout your chapter is one of the most important things you can do. So far, your new Phikeias have only experienced how to be recruited. Host a recruitment workshop to show them how to be recruiters.
  • Host a Phikeia Recruitment Event – Now that the Phikeias have generated leads and know how to recruit, challenge them to host their own informal recruitment event. This is a great opportunity to expose them to the recruitment process as they build relationships with the future potential new members of the chapter.
  • Motivate members to recruit – We’ve all experienced members checking out after recruitment. You just asked your brothers to come to a recruitment event every night for the past week. How can you possibly ask them to come to recruitment events all semester? Simple, you don’t. Go through your chapter’s activity calendar and identify those that are conducive to inviting friends (philanthropy & service events, informal brotherhoods, socials, campus events, etc.). From this, you can create a point system challenge that incentivizes brothers who bring their friends/potential new members to events. For example, for every friend/PNM you bring to an event, you earn a point. The member with the most points at the end of the semester wins a gift card.

As you can see, your job as Recruitment Chairman is never over. These are just some simple tactics to immediately enhance your recruitment efforts with existing resources. Taking the initiative to go beyond recruitment week makes the difference between a successful Recruitment Chairman and an average Recruitment Chairman.

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