May 21, 2013

Proud To Be A Phi For A Reason

GHQ Staff Blogger
Proud To Be A Phi For A Reason

By Matt Letcher, Missouri Delta #421

To me, four years is a short period of time. As a history major, I am used to analyzing causes and effects over hundreds of years. Over the last few weeks of my undergraduate career, I have begun to realize and appreciate the effect that these four years have had on me and how they will continue to shape me. The relationships and experiences that I have gained are extensive and strong, and the majority of them were founded in the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. I would not be the man I am today without Phi Delt and everything it has offered me.

With each semester and Phikeia class that entered the Fraternity, I was given opportunities to meet new people and form bonds that will withstand the test of time. I can think of brotherhood events, alumni events, or just regular weekday nights when the only thing that mattered was the fact that we were either talking about memories we had or making new ones. That type of comfort that comes from understanding what true brotherhood is tough to replicate during college.

If I could identify one lesson that I was constantly reminded of throughout my time at Saint Louis University, it would be that everything happens for a reason. I chose Phi Delta Theta and everything that I gained because of that decision was because of the initial feel that I acquired during Rush Week. I chose to be an education and history major, and the classes that I was required to take provided me with knowledge and practical experience for my future field. I chose to student teach this last semester and therefore missed out on many of the social aspects of a second semester senior, but I was able to help countless numbers of students grow socially, academically and cognitively. I was recently asked if I had any regrets from my time at SLU. I was able to confidently state that I did not because of this mentality that everything happens for a reason. I would advise younger Phis to keep this is mind throughout their own time at school.

As I look forward to what is to come, I am proud to be able to look back and relive everything that has happened. There is excitement both in what we remember and what we have to look forward to. This is especially true knowing that I will continue to have Phi Delta Theta as a part of my life and knowing everything it has given me already.

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