Brian Lyke

Senior Growth Coordinator

About Brian

As a senior growth coordinator, Brian focuses on the development, education, and continued growth of our new and emerging chapters. Brian’s educational background includes getting his bachelor’s at Texas A&M University-Commerce and his master of student affairs in higher education from Texas State University. Brian has previous experience as a Phi Delta Theta recruitment specialist, a fraternity and sorority life advisor, and was a founding member of his Delta Sigma Phi chapter at Texas A&M.

Brian focuses his education and development strategies alongside the emotionally intelligent leadership model. With his background and research, Brian is also a frequent presenter at local, regional, and national conferences such as AFLV. He also is an avid fan of the performing arts such as Broadway musicals and Drum Corps International.

Brian works closely with the following Phi Delta Theta emerging chapters:

  • Idaho Beta – Boise State University
  • Massachusetts Zeta – University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Missouri Kappa – University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • New Jersey Zeta – New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Pennsylvania Theta – Pennsylvania State University
  • Texas Mu – Texas State University

Why did you decide to work for Phi Delta Theta?

I decided to work for Phi Delta Theta because I believe in strong and safe fraternities. I wanted to work for an organization that believed in positively impacting college students. While not a member of Phi Delt, I know the work that we do will help guide the personal and professional development of young college men for years to come.

Brian. Lyke
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  • Recruitment Support
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