Alberta '92

Chris Uglanica

Chair, Awards Committee

About Chris

Born in Woodstock, no not THAT Woodstock, the one in Ontario, we moved west when I was 5. I had the good fortune to live in places ranging from Edmonton, Alberta all the way up to Inuvik, NWT, and also spent a few years in the Yukon in gold rush country before my parents finally settled down in Warspite, Alberta.

Having attended the University of Alberta, I discovered the incredible world that Phi Delta Theta would open up for me. Although University did not work out for me, I maintained an active involvement with the Alberta Alpha Chapter, and became the Chapter Advisory Board Chair from 2000-2004 and 2008-present.

My involvement with Phi Delta Theta gave me many of the skills I found would be required while working for several Fortune 500 companies, such as Canon, Toshiba, and Danka. With these skills I broke away from the corporate world to pursue an early love of mine in school, photography. Now, having run my own photography business for the past 10 years, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without my involvement in Phi Delta Theta.

I am a fan of most sports, but am very enthusiastic about hockey and paintball, having played on a top tournament level paintball team for a number of years in the past. Now, I play hockey with several alumni of Alberta Alpha and look forward to lacing up the skates every opportunity that I get.

The biggest thing that I have realized through joining Phi Delta Theta is the friendships I have made with my brothers near and far. I continually encourage our active members to get out and experience all that the Fraternity has to offer them and to get out of our small circle to fully experience it.