Indiana University of Pennsylvania '15

James Rosencrans

Senior Director of Talent Acquisition

513-523-6345 Ext. 260
About Jim

As the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Jim is tasked with leading the growth team of the General Fraternity and oversees all activities and services involved with the expansion team, undergraduate recruitment support, and the acquisition of volunteer and staff talent. In his role, Jim follows the Fraternity’s strategic plan, Phi Delt 2030, and executes strategies that prioritize the growth and retention of existing chapters and the expansion of new emerging chapters. He focuses on identifying great people to fill roles within the Fraternity’s staff and chapter structures. Additionally, as the senior director of talent acquisition, he assists with establishing an environment that enables a strategic advantage for members of Phi Delta Theta and builds the connections needed to achieve professional success following graduation.

Brother Rosencrans’s involvement with fraternity recruitment began when he joined Phi Delta Theta staff in 2015. Over the last several years, some of his proudest accomplishments are developing a virtual on-demand recruitment classroom, implementing an organization-wide chapter recruitment tool, and leading over fifty new and re-chartering chapter expansions. Jim is a member of the Pennsylvania Lambda Chapter and a graduate of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he studied criminology and sociology. As an undergraduate, he had the opportunity to become a founding father of his chapter, where he served as a recruitment chairman for several semesters. Jim and his wife, Lauren, a proud member of Delta Zeta, live in Daytona Beach, Florida, with their good boy, Murphy, who enjoys interrupting Zoom calls.

What Makes Phi Delta Theta Great?

“Phi Delta Theta is a great organization because it is composed of individuals, at all levels or the organization, who continuously challenge the status quo and one another in the pursuit of becoming the greatest version of fraternity. This is reflected through the leadership development opportunities provided by being a member or alumnus of Phi Delt, the philanthropic impacts by ways of the Live Like Lou or Iron Phi Foundations, and professionally by the staff at General Headquarters for being recognized as a nationally Great Place to Work.”

Jim Rosencrans
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