British Columbia '84

Kirpy Sangara

About Kirpy

Kirpy Sangara is a native of Vancouver, British Columbia and is a graduate of the University of British Columbia from the faculty of Commerce and from the faculty of Law (1987). Kirpy is CFO and director of property developer and lumber manufacturer/wholesaler Sawarne Lumber Co. Ltd.

Kirpy’s experience with Phi Delta Theta includes time serving as province president (Pi North & Tau North), chapter advisor, GHQ Awards Chairman, and faculty member at Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute. Kirpy currently serves as President of the British Columbia Alpha House Corporation and as a member of the Board of the Canadian Phi Delta Theta Foundation.

Kirpy lives in Vancouver with his wife and two children and stays busy with many activities including golf, tennis, and coaching hockey. The bonds of the Fraternity continue as many of these activities are still enjoyed with fellow BC Alpha Phi Delt alumni and their families.