Kentucky '22

Sam Bluso

Recruitment Specialist

About Sam

Samuel M. Bluso graduated from the University of Kentucky with BS in hospitality and event management in May of 2022. He is a member of the Kentucky Epsilon Chapter and served on the executive board for one year and earned the title of Iron Phi. While being a member of Phi Delta Theta, Sam was also part of the University of Kentucky’s ultimate frisbee club team.

Sam is a Northeastern Ohio native growing up just outside of Akron, OH. Even after all that Cleveland sports have gone through, he remains loyal to them. Throughout college same attended many Kentucky sporting events from basketball to volleyball to soccer and of course football. Brother Bluso enjoys reading, fitness, and sports.

Why did you decide to work for Phi Delta Theta?

“Phi Delta Theta provided me with a great first job fresh out of college where I could work for a company that would provide soft skills and leadership values that will translate as I continue in my professional development. Having the opportunity to further improve the brotherhood that gave me so much and to pass that along to future generations of Phi Delta Theta members to ensure that they can also have as amazing Phi Delt experience as I did.”

Sam Bluso
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