Apr 3, 2015

Taylor Swift & Ricky Angeletti – Akron

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Taylor Swift & Ricky Angeletti – Akron

On March 19, 2015, the University of Akron’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG) concluded its voting process for the upcoming year’s president and vice president. As the polls came in, it was announced that Taylor Swift and Ricky Angeletti, both brothers of Ohio Epsilon, were to be the President and Vice-President of USG.

Brother Taylor Swift is currently a junior at the university studying political science. He has served the USG for three years and has held multiple seats such as Freshman Senator, College of Engineering Senator and the One-Year Senator At-Large. Swift’s involvement doesn’t lie only with USG, as he is employed at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center and a member of multiple organizations across campus.

When it comes to his plans for his time as president, Swift has many. One of his largest goals is a contextual grading scale. The scale would revolutionize the way student transcripts are created and create fairness in grading. Another big idea that he has is a campus parking mobile application. The app would better identify free spots on campus to those who needed them. It would also reduce time spent searching for parking spots and increase safety on the roads.

“I would not have been able to win the election without the help of my brother, friend, and Vice President Richard Angeletti,” said Swift. “He is one of the most honorable, humble, caring, and motivated people I have ever met. I am so glad to be able to help make a difference on Akron’s campus with Richard. I feel strongly that the many leadership qualities that being a Phi Delt entails really helped us win the election. The three Cardinal Principles that we stand for really helped us balance schoolwork, campaigning and everything in between. Through this election process, my fellow brothers were extremely supportive. This motivation and support helped Richard and me in so many ways. Seeing so many of my fellow brothers care so much about this really shows why I am so proud to be a Phi! I love my chapter, and I feel honored to represent not only as a student, but as President of UA’s Undergraduate Student Government. “

Brother Ricky Angeletti, a junior at the University of Akron, has been in leadership roles, even before his undergraduate career began. Since he began with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in 2005, Ricky has held numerous positions. This past year, Brother Angeletti served as the 2014 Central Region Chief, a position that requires him to travel the region to do numerous presentations, speeches and program audits.

During his time at the University of Akron, Brother Angeletti has been involved in the USG since his freshman year. He has served as both the Senator of First-Year Students and Vice Senate Chair, earning him the Senator of the Year award in 2013. His other campus involvement includes the Akron Swim Club and Water Polo, University Ambassadors, the Honors Business Group and multiple on-campus employment opportunities.

“When you join Phi Delta Theta, you take an oath to transmit the Fraternity, not only, not less, but greater than in was transmitted to you,” said Angeletti. “I really love this quote and feel that you should always be striving to improve everything that you are involved in. This is why I chose to run for Undergraduate Student Government Vice President, to improve and give back to The University of Akron as a whole. I am honored to have the opportunity to do this alongside one of my brothers, Taylor Swift.”

In addition to Taylor and Ricky, Ohio Epsilon has five other brothers who hold positions within the USG.

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