Jun 24, 2024

Unlocking Career Opportunities: How Phi Delt’s Network Can Help Your Career

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Unlocking Career Opportunities: How Phi Delt’s Network Can Help Your Career

Joining a fraternity in college can provide a countless benefits that extend far beyond your academic years. One of the unique aspects of Phi Delta Theta is the emphasis on lifelong engagement. The bonds created during your membership are designed to support you through every stage of life. Whether it’s through peer-to-peer relationships, valuable mentor/mentee networking, or intergenerational sharing of wisdom, Phi Delta Theta ensures that once a Phi Delt, always a Phi Delt.

As a member, you are welcomed into a vast network of over 186,000 living alumni, opening doors to endless opportunities and lifelong connections. The Fraternity’s network is a powerful resource for personal and professional growth.

Meet Noah Pelo, Utah ’25, a film and media major at the University of Utah. At a recent Utah Alpha semi-annual alumni dinner, Noah was introduced to Brent Uberty, Utah ’16, managing director of BW Productions. Brent shared insights about his video production company and the internship program they run. Intrigued by the opportunity, Noah applied and, after a series of interviews, secured an internship with BW Productions.

Since starting, Noah has been shadowing Brent on sales calls and at networking events, gaining firsthand experience in the skills required to run a successful video production company. This opportunity has not only enhanced Noah’s academic learning but also provided him with practical skills and valuable industry insights.

“Having Noah on our team this summer has been an absolute pleasure! Whenever we open our intern positions, I always ensure the active chapter is informed. Helping fellow brothers find their passion and succeed is a core part of being a Phi.”

Brent Uberty, Utah ’16

Why did you choose your current major or field of study?

Since I was a kid, I loved commercials. It probably drove my dad crazy that I had more opinions on the commercials than the games. I entered college as a marketing major because I thought it would help me get into commercials. However, I quickly realized I wasn’t learning the technical skills I needed. I switched to film and media to learn all of the production skills necessary to make a commercial.

What skills or experiences have you gained from your internship so far?

I have learned how to use Google Analytics, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, scrape websites for lead generation, pitch video production to potential clients, and build and maintain long-lasting business relationships.

Any plans after college? Where do you see yourself in five years?

I plan to follow whatever opportunities are available to me after graduation. In five years, I see myself owning my own small-scale video production company.

As Noah Pelo’s story illustrates, the connections and experiences gained through Phi Delta Theta can significantly shape and enhance your future. So, if you’re considering joining a fraternity, remember that Phi Delta Theta is more than just a network—it’s a lifelong brotherhood that continues to offer support and opportunities long after graduation.

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