May 27, 2015

Jack Cassels – Texas Tech

Pursuit of Greatness
Jack Cassels – Texas Tech

Texas Epsilon Phi Jack Cassels (middle in photo) recently graduated from Texas Tech University, but his legacy will continue through the ministry that he created and the students that he helped while on campus. Through his involvement with Greek Wide, a student led Christian organization by Greeks for Greeks that helps students grow in their faith, along with his ministry, The Bridge, the impact that Brother Cassels made at Texas Tech was recently highlighted through the words of his peers.

What Can One Student Really Do?

Here’s a little ditty ‘bout Jack and the Legacy he’s leaving at Texas Tech. Jack just graduated and he’s about to get married to the beautiful Sydney Wilson, and go into the real world. I don’t think I have met another student like Jack since I have been at Texas Tech. He was my Greek Wide President this last year and he made my job so much easier. What a blessing to have a student that has the same heart and is going in the same direction.

I met Jack his freshmen year and we stayed connected off and on for three years. Jack started his own ministry called The Bridge and it far exceeded his expectations. God’s hand was clearly evident and Jack knew it had little to do with him. His dream was to leave a legacy at Texas Tech, and he didn’t want his investment to simply die when he graduated. So he approached me in 2014 with the idea that we would be better together, and I wholeheartedly agreed. It has been a great adventure! I’d like you to hear from a few of the guys he’s poured his life into.

Jack Cassels is one of the most influential people to enter my life. At the beginning of my freshmen year, he took me and some friends out to McAllister’s to share our stories. Most guys in a fraternity are given a negative stereotype, so for him to talk about the gospel with us from the very beginning told us a lot about his character. He later started a bible study with a group of guys in various fraternities every Wednesday morning. That’s how I got involved with Greek Wide. Jack set the best example for us younger guys and provided us with the courage we needed to stand strong and not give into the temptations that college life brings.

– Kyle Cloutier (Freshmen)

Campbell & Jack

I met Jack Cassels at Foundation Retreat the weekend before college started. I was debating whether or not I should go Greek or not and Jack helped me through the decision. It wasn’t just the pros and cons he gave me, but something else; he gave me an inkling of what it looks like to live for Christ.

Jack has shown me time and again what it means to die to your own desires for the sake of glorifying the image of Christ. By simply telling me of his experience in the Greek community that weekend, I knew I wanted to be a part of what he was doing, investing in others.

Jack has continually lived up to the call of Christ to live in a way that shouts “I am NOT ashamed of the Gospel”. His example has motivated me to try and live in a manner worthy of the gospel. (A way of living that is sometimes not as popular, but is definitely more rewarding.)

By following Christ, Jack has left a legacy for the spiritual life in Phi Delta Theta as well as the Greek community at Texas Tech. Jack’s spiritual presence will be missed in the coming years, but at the same time it will still live on through the people he invested in. Jack invested well. He harvested well, and now we, the next generation, get to see the fruit. Hopefully this spurs us on to do likewise.

– Campbell Roper (Junior)

Cameron & Paige

I grew up my entire life going to church. I went because it was what I was raised to do, not because I actually felt a need to do it. It wasn’t until my junior year that God’s word finally struck a note in my heart and made me want to attend a bible study Jack was leading in our fraternity. I have never told him this but that bible study forever changed my relationship with God. I will be forever grateful for Jack because that day started my true walk with Christ.

Jack is one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His love for God and desire to help people become closer to our Savior is amazing to see. I am just one of many examples of how Jack has made a difference in someone’s life through the word of God. Jack has reached the heart and souls of many at Texas Tech and

I know this is only the beginning for him. I will remember Jack as many things; a fraternity brother, a friend, a leader, but most of all I will remember Jack as a man of God.

– Cameron Boothe (Graduate)

We are the Next Generation

To that person you know that brings peace and comfort to your life. The person who is always available to call or text in times of need. To the man who took up so much of his time to write up bible studies and sacrifice time from studies, and time with his girlfriend (now fiancé) for his small group of Freshmen guys. For modeling the life a Christian man should live in college.

I would like to give a shout out to Jack Cassels who was that person and man for me. He taught me and the rest of his us how to fight the good fight. Jack greatly blessed me and I thank the Lord for putting him in my life. Thanks Jack

– McNally Sellers (Freshmen)

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