Mar 11, 2014

Matt Hudson/Andrew Stadtlander – FAU

Pursuit of Greatness
Matt Hudson/Andrew Stadtlander – FAU

Florida Nu (Florida Atlantic) Phis Matt Hudson, Andrew Stadtlander and their company Stadson Technology Corporation recently took home $55,000+ in winnings at the 2013 FAU Business Plan Competition. A software solutions company, Stadson Technologies produced HelpN – an emergency application that bridges the gap between the user and the emergency service they need. HelpN is a patent-pending technology that can instantly access specific functionalities on your Smart Phone and reduces the time to alert authorities.

As the CEO of Stadson Technology Corporation, Matt Hudson naturally leads the team to their goals of delivering the highest quality of products possible. He began his college career at Southeastern University, later realizing through his resources and business relationships he had in South Florida, that it was a critical time for him to transfer to Florida Atlantic University. As entrepreneurship and human relations has been a major focus in his life, he decided to focus his efforts on learning not just domestic business practices, but international business. Mathew took time to study in Spain, Costa Rica, and Africa to broaden his horizons and cultural awareness. He even studied digital strategies, consumeration of IT and cloud computing in Dubai. With the relationships he has made all over the world, he has managed to accumulate six years of experience in leadership and management, including project management for the award-winning HelpN application. He is known for his versatility, honesty, loyalty and most importantly his ability to bring people together to accomplish goals.

Before working for Stadson, Mathew led a series of organized trips to Kenya, Africa where he and his family built and worked in orphanages. He is very passionate about helping those in need. From living in Kenya and seeing the needs of the country his perspective changed on what can be done to help. Matt’s passion for helping others matured into a set goal for the team of Stadson Technology Corporation. He mentioned, “Innovation and technology are the bridges between countries that need help and countries that can give help.” Taking steps forward he wants to ensure the business culture stays consistent so people are happy and focused at work and the company will continue to grow in every area.

Andrew Stadtlander studied both Computer and Mechanical Engineering with a strong grasp of mathematics. During his senior year of high school, Andrew discovered his interest in engineering and development through learning physics. At just 22 years old, he is already a CTO with responsibilities of being a software architect, leader of technological operations and client consultations.

Before working at Stadson, Andrew was a teaching assistant in math and science at Atlantic High School. Having four years of software development experience, he recently has done contract work to develop a new craigslist software. As someone who prospers by spreading his knowledge and talent to others, Andrew has led two separate teams of engineers to win first place in software competitions at FAU.

Andrew is known for working long hours and covering up walls with equations. He has a passion for playing the guitar, classical music, music theory and is inspired by the relations of math to so many facets of life. Andrews goal is to create a company that not only creates jobs for many people, but can benefit those in medical and biological fields. He is longing to one day create artificial t-cells to fight off diseases in the body using nanotechnology.

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