Manitoba Alpha Leadership Awards

The Canadian Foundation established the Manitoba Alpha Leadership Award in 2018, a restricted fund that recognizes leadership achievements by undergraduates attending the University of Manitoba.

Manitoba Alpha Leadership Fund

In September 2018, several alumni brothers of the Manitoba Alpha Chapter conceived the idea of establishing a leadership fund. Discussions with the Canadian Foundation resulted in the establishment of the Manitoba Alpha Leadership Fund, a dedicated fund under the auspices of the Canadian Foundation. 

The goals of the Fund are to:

  • Make awards, ideally annually, to University of Manitoba undergraduates who achieve both academic and leadership success;
  • Maintain an ongoing endowed fund that will be sufficient to provide $7,500 to $10,000 in total annual awards without depleting capital over time;
  • Manage the collection of donations and the investment of the Fund in a manner that minimizes net administrative cost;
  • Honour Phi Delta Theta brothers who have predeceased us and others who are making major efforts on behalf of the chapter.

This is solely an academic/leadership fund. Donations received, and investment return on them, will not be used for chapter house acquisition or renovation. 

Fund Success To Date

The initial goal was to raise $300,000. As of June 3, 2023, the Fund has more than $330,000 in commitments, with $290,000 in donations received to date. The Fund, after minimal expenses and including investment returns, now has a market value of $310,000.

The success of the Fund has been made possible by generous donations from:

  • 38 Phi Delta Theta alumni,
  • 6 outstanding women and men who are “Friends of Phis,” and
  • Manitoba Alpha Chapter active brothers.

Donating To The Manitoba Alpha Leadership Fund

Thanks for your enthusiastic support for this leadership fund. Regardless of what method you use to make your donation, we’ll ensure that your gift is directed to the Manitoba Alpha Leadership Fund.

You can make your donation a single or recurring (monthly or annual) gift through any of the following methods:

1) By Cheque:

Canadian Phi Delta Theta Foundation
99 Powseland Crescent
Woodbridge, ON  L4L 0C5

This is our preference for larger donations as it minimizes processing costs. Please provide your name, address, telephone, and email address. In your letter, please let us know if you are honouring a Phi, family member or friend. A Canadian tax receipt will be mailed to you promptly.

2) By Credit Or Debit Card (Single Or Recurring Monthly Donation):

Donate via our online donation and receipting partner, CanadaHelps.

3) Donations Of Securities:

Securities can be donated (and a tax receipt issued) via our online partner CanadaHelps.

4) Donations In U.S. Dollars:

Donations of USD $5,000+ can be facilitated and a US tax receipt can be issued. To make a US $ donation please contact Rob McInnes, Canadian Foundation Chairman.

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Awards History

Since 1974, the Canadian Foundation has awarded over $400,000 to more than 400 undergraduates across Canada, all thanks to the generosity of Phi Delt alumni living in Canada.

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